Where Should You Live At Your Second Saturn Return

This is a question that comes up around the second Saturn Return, at 58 – 60 years old. It’s like our second chance, and there are often drastic changes. Some people orchestrate theirs. Others, if you aren’t aware, have them happen to them. It’s a time of life change and an opportunity you don’t want to miss. A Saturn Return reading is a great investment if you are approaching a Saturn Return (28-30 years, 58-60 years, 88-90 years). Getting a Saturn Reading gives you information and helps you prepare to take full advantage of this time in your life.

Anyway, some people retire at their second Saturn Return, or change careers and want to know if they should live in a retirement community or not.

This is so much a matter of personal preference. You can be happy and have good experiences anywhere (or not). The main thing is that you keep going and growing. I read for people of all ages, plenty of them over 60. Let me share some of the things I’ve learned.

Who you have around you matters a lot at any time in life. You always want to attract and surround yourself with positive people.

A retirement community can give you people to share history with – someone to talk with about Vietnam, and what’s wrong with the government, and what helps arthritis. They can also share same-age frustrations. Like wasn’t it really easier when you had 3 cheeses to choose from at the grocery instead of 100? People who, when the discussion turns to the fact that there may not be social security in 20 years, remember the time before there was social security and know that life goes on. That sort of thing. You should always hang on to the good, and it’s very comforting to have people around you who can share history. This is why family becomes important at second Saturn Return, and many siblings reunite, bury the hatchet, etc.

However, this can be too much of a good thing. You may choose to live in a mixed neighborhood or apartment because it is healthy at any time in life to associate with people who are very different from you, not just in age. There’s the famous “new toys, new playmates” study with the mice. The ones who were given a steady supply of new and stimulating toys in their cages, and got to meet new little mice did a lot better. So if you live in a retirement community, be sure you get out of it quite often.

You see, we cannot form new brain cells as we age, but we can form new brain connections, and to do this, we need new experiences. That’s why you hear, “I blah blah, it’s keeping me young.”

So wherever you choose to live, make sure you keep going – mentally, physically and emotionally. Learning something new is one of the best things you can do. I mean SO new that you’re totally lost. Where you can feel the brain working to try and get around it, and not really having anything to hang it on.

At your second Saturn Return, pay close attention to where you go for counsel. Whether it’s a psychic, astrologer, coach, therapist, or clergy, don’t ever stick with someone who seems to have no ideas or enthusiasm for you and your life, or who doesn’t keep pushing you to your growing edge. You always have a growing edge, no matter how old you are. Unless you decide you don’t, in which case you are right!

Check out Yvonne Dowlen, figure skating at the age of 80+: http://www.dailyherald.com/galleries/benskate/index.HTML. “If you don’t move,” she says, “you can’t move.” This applies to the mental and the emotional as well as the physical. This woman has real spirit. She had a car accident last year and her doctor told her to give up skating and she took that as a challenge.

Good second Saturn Return role models? Oh, there are the obvious ones, like Mother Teresa, Art Linkletter, James Brown, Jack Lalanne, Luciano Pavarotti, Pope Benedict XVI, and Colonel Sanders, but how about people who live just down the street?

Let me share with you some real life examples, some real life heroes. They’re the best kind. Names and a few details changed for confidentiality.

Julie is 63. She tore a core muscle last year and had some bad months where she could hardly walk, but she was determined to get back to her rollerblading. And yes, she has. She also became fluent in Russian and German at the time of her second Saturn Return.

Maureen lost her son at her second Saturn Return. The cards indicated a move would be a good thing. Maureen moved to a big city and got a job downtown, with a 4 hour commute in some of this nation’s worst traffic and in a new field. She says it’s keeping her young.

James is 85 and tells me, chuckling, that he just got a 25-year mortgage on a new home.

Annie, 55, lost her husband 5 years ago and went into a shell. Not with me you don’t! At her second Saturn Return, she’s rid of her fibromyalgia, started playing tennis again and got back into her size 6s. She’s dating on the Internet and just bought a new home.

At her second Saturn Return, Nancy is speaking on cruises. No she’s not a professor or anything, she just knows a lot (who doesn’t at this age?) She stays current on the Internet, and always has topics of interest. She pays a small per diem, and her companion travels free. This makes her very popular!

One last one, Peter the successful attorney. As his second Saturn Return approaching, he was bored with life and disgruntled. He signed up for a film course and just made his first movie. It’s very artsy. “I needed that,” he said.

60 is the new 40. Pay attention at your second Saturn Return. Really good things can happen.