What You Newbies Need To Know About Pay Per Click Ads

Just about anyone who has been using the Internet in the last few years has no doubt come across the term “pay per click” once or twice. Pay per click is actually one of the less expensive, albeit efficient, forms of advertising online. There are several companies that offer pay per click advertising as part of their services. Some of the most recognizable names in the pay per click ads industry include Google, Yahoo and Overture.

Pay per click is considered as the cheapest and most affordable form of advertising online. How so? Well, unlike with other forms of online advertising wherein you have to pay just to load your ad on a page and that is regardless whether someone sees it or not. With pay per click ads, you will only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad.

In effect, you are paying for results only. In this business, it is all about – clicks. Basically, each click represents the actions that each user makes over the Internet. So with pay per click ads, you are only paying your Pay Per Click Company every time a user clicks on your advertisement.

Be careful though that you are not mislead into thinking that a click is a lead, as some pay per click companies tend to. Remember, that it can only be consider as a lead if someone has expressed an interest in your product or service. Since a user simply clicked on your ad, there is no way for you to determine yet whether the user’s interest is of the same level as a lead or just a curious visitor. Nevertheless, it is still a step in the right direction.

So does pay per click works? For example, you own an ecommerce site that sells branded fashion bags and you wish to increase your sales. One way of doing that is by trying pay per click advertising. As mentioned before there are several companies that offer pay per click advertising programs, such as Google AdWords.

All you need to do to get started is to open an account with AdWords. Then you compile a list of the keywords that you want to target and set it up with your daily budget and you‘re all set. If you plan your campaign correctly, every time a user searches for branded fashion bags your site will show up on the first results page of Google.

The success in pay per click is determined by the popularity of the keywords and its position in the list. Prices usually ranged from a few cents up to $5. However, some keywords can be worth so much more.

Another thing you need to remember with pay per clicks, the price for a specific keyword always varies. The same goes for the position where the ads are displayed on the page. With pay per clicks you are in control. You are the one who names the maximum amount that you are willing to pay and then Google uses this as well as other information from other advertisers in order to determine the positions of each ad. Most pay per click companies, like Google AdWords have comprehensive online help screens as well as samples that can help you set up your campaigns.

Once you have set up you campaigns, you can now work on your strategies to ensure that your ads are indeed effective. As with all type of advertising, the key here is to continually test and improve the performance of your ads. You might try doing some research regarding pay per click ads as well as on the popularity of keywords.

It might also be a good idea is to seek help from the experts by reviewing the step by step instructions and coaching videos designed specifically for newbies that are usually available online as well. So, how do you determine whether your pay per click ads are indeed successful? Well, the rule of thumb is that your profits should worth more than what you are spending on your ads.

The popularity of pay per click ads is growing consistently as more and more businesses began to realize the long-term benefit that could be gain from pay per click advertising. What is this long-term benefit you ask? Well, pay per click ads are mainly used for sales in the present time frame.

However, most advertisers are unaware that pay per click ads can also be use to build an identity for their business, one that their customers will remember for the time to come. What’s great here is that the companies are given equal playing field. Whether they are a small company or a big one, they can have the same level of brand awareness.

How so? Well, every day various users usually use search engines in order to look for a certain product or service over the Internet. Therefore, if they see the same site come up in their searches over and over it begins to create that same brand awareness for that product or service.

More than 85% of all searches on the Internet are done with the help of search engines and this is one reason why they are considered as the best tools in enhancing a company’s identity. Search engines are identity builders. They direct customers who are interested in your product or service right to your doorstep.

In the long run, this kind of brand awareness will bring visitors to your site without the need for additional advertising. By using pay per click ads, you are also utilizing the power of search engines and this means you can use the Internet to deliver a targeted customer and build long term brand awareness at the same time.

So why not give pay-per-clicks a try? After all, you do not have to pay anything unless someone clicks on your ad. If you’re not satisfied then just consider it as one tactic in your bag of online marketing tricks that you need to test. If things do not go the way you want them to, then you can easily gain online exposure in using other tricks.