What Kind Of Bird Was That

Building and decorating a bird house is something that parents and kids can do together. It is relatively cheap and can provide hours of entertainment even after the project is completed. Finches fly in a more exaggerated roller coaster pattern while woodpeckers fly in a more moderate rise and fall pattern. Then there are birds like Sharp-shinned Hawks, Cooper’s Hawks, and Northern Goshawks that make several wing flaps which are followed by a long glide, whereas a Red Tailed Hawk can usually be seen soaring.

Here is a feature that is often overlooked: bird-proof door locks. You should get a cage that your bird can’t escape from. Just think about what would happen if your bird escaped & was free the entire day while you’re out!

But on the other hand, a carefully cared for, high quality powder-coated bird cage can last 10+ years. So what makes a cage simple to clean?

You may find that perhaps only a few species actually inhabit that particular area. With a little preparation, you will be able to more readily identify bird species from each other. Keep a list of successfully viewed species – we’ll call this tip number two and a half.

What kind of bird was that?

This is what you normally ask yourself or your partner when you see an odd bird perched around in one of those trees.

It is fascinating to see birds around you chirping and enjoying the bounties of nature or even the city life. What is even more fascinating though is when you see a bird you have not seen before.

Have you ever seen a bird that seems different from the rest? Normally we give these unknown birds a name – odd birds. These odd birds are either an un-named breed by the taxonomists or a foreigner to a certain area.

Bird watching is one of the most calming and peaceful hobbies available. Just sit down in a good spot and have your kit in hand. For the novice, you might want to consider taking along a good picture book of the common birds in your area so you will not tag a named bird as odd.

If you suspect that the bird you saw is odd, take a picture of it and research. Look for it in books and bird websites. It just may be that the bird is just visiting your area but is not really going to stay there for long. The top two ways to give your bird stimulation on a daily basis are: toy hooks & playtops. There’s no need to explain why toy hooks are stimulating, they just are!

If you desire the look of antiques without the price tag, reproductions are also available. Replica antique bird cages often maintain the look and style of the original, but at a fraction of the cost.

Perhaps many people think that owning a bird is reserved for the wild at heart or certainly for those living in a tropical climate.

Just where to hang the feeders? In general, it is good to hang these feeders in any part of the garden where there is no direct exposure to sunlight and where the wind will not be able to shake the feeder. Additionally, binoculars with built-in digital cameras enable you to identify birds once you get home. These benefits will definitely enhance your bird watching. A great pair of binoculars will turn a mediocre experience into a great one. You can count on it!

If you still have difficulty in looking for that specific bird share the picture to an ornithologist or someone more knowledgeable in that field. It will be a great contribution to science if this bird is still un-named and you found that bird and were able to take note of it.

Another help you can add is if the bird is used as a bio-indicator and might lead scientists to know if there is something new or different in the environment. An example of this are some shrike species that indicate presence of pollution. So share your knowledge and learn from it too. Remember to note where you saw it, the sound of chirps that you heard, the colors, the form of the beak, the feet, feathers, wing span (approximately), length, tail, and its characteristics (like if its moves around from branch to branch or if its very noisy).

No matter how odd or different looking the bird you saw is, just be glad it showed itself to you. Settle down and don’t be too excited because you might scare this odd bird away and you may not be able to finish looking at its features.

Enjoy bird watching and be one with nature. How do bird watchers strive to entice birds to their yards? Find out at http://www.bird-watch.info

This is a tricky dilemma when shopping for a bird cage, but here is the general rule of thumb; the bigger the better, as long as the bar spacing isn’t too wide. So what is too wide of a bar spacing? If you’re looking at a quality cage it will be constructed of steel (powder-coated ones should have steel underneath the powder-coat and stainless steel cages need to be 100% stainless steel, not plated or hollow) or iron.

One great resource in looking for cheap bird cages is the internet. Amazon often offers bird cages at significant discounts. This website also offers customer reviews of different products. This can be a helpful tool if you are still in the decision-making phase of your cage search.

The birds tail will not touch either the back or the bottom of the cage while sitting on the perch. If you are a new bird watcher, we urge you to joing a bird watching forum.

Just like people, birds get hot and thirsty. Especially during the blistering summer months, your favorite flying friends may be roasting in their feathers. Help out your local birds and provide them with a shady spot to splash, play, bathe, and drink–a bird bath!