Vocal trance is a subgenre of electronic dance music (EDM) that combines the rhythmic and melodic elements of trance music with the inclusion of vocal performances or vocal samples. It is characterized by its uplifting melodies, repetitive beats, and the presence of vocals that often convey emotional and uplifting messages. Vocal trance has been a popular and enduring style within the trance music scene. Here are some key characteristics of vocal trance music:

1. **Melodic and Euphoric:** Vocal trance is known for its melodic and euphoric qualities. The melodies are typically catchy, uplifting, and emotionally charged, designed to create a sense of euphoria and positivity among listeners.

2. **Vocal Performances:** The defining feature of vocal trance is the presence of vocals, which can be provided by a lead vocalist or through vocal samples from existing songs. These vocals often convey themes of love, hope, empowerment, and introspection.

3. **4/4 Beat:** Like most electronic dance music, vocal trance typically features a 4/4 time signature with a steady and driving beat. The kick drum provides a consistent thumping rhythm, making it suitable for dancing.

4. **Build-Ups and Breakdowns:** Vocal trance tracks often follow a structure that includes build-ups and breakdowns. Build-ups gradually intensify the music before leading to a climactic drop, while breakdowns provide moments of calm and reflection.

5. **Emotional Impact:** The combination of uplifting melodies and meaningful lyrics or vocal performances aims to create a strong emotional impact on the listener. Vocal trance often encourages a sense of unity, celebration, and positivity on the dance floor.

6. **Vocalists:** Many vocal trance tracks feature talented vocalists who contribute to the overall emotive quality of the music. These vocalists may be well-known in the trance music community or come from various musical backgrounds.

7. **Subgenres:** Vocal trance has given rise to various subgenres and styles within the trance genre, including progressive vocal trance, uplifting vocal trance, and vocal chillout (slower and more relaxed variations).

8. **Global Appeal:** Vocal trance has a global following and is popular at EDM festivals, clubs, and events worldwide. Its uplifting and accessible sound makes it appealing to a wide audience.

9. **Collaborations:** Producers often collaborate with vocalists and songwriters to create vocal trance tracks. These collaborations contribute to the diversity of vocal trance music.

10. **Evolution:** While retaining its core characteristics, vocal trance has evolved over the years, incorporating contemporary production techniques and influences from other EDM genres.

11. **Remix Culture:** Vocal trance tracks are often remixed by other producers, resulting in different interpretations and versions of the same song.

Vocal trance’s ability to combine memorable melodies with emotional vocals has made it a beloved subgenre within the broader trance music landscape. It continues to evolve and attract new generations of EDM enthusiasts while maintaining its commitment to uplifting and emotional dance music.