Vocal trance is a subgenre of electronic dance music (EDM) that is characterized by its combination of trance music’s distinctive beats and melodies with vocal performances, often featuring lyrics and singing. Vocal trance is known for its melodic and emotional qualities, making it a popular subgenre in the EDM scene. Here are some key characteristics of vocal trance music:

1. **Melodic Elements:** Vocal trance places a strong emphasis on melodies, both instrumental and vocal. Melodies are often uplifting and emotionally charged, creating a sense of euphoria for the listener.

2. **Vocal Performances:** The defining feature of vocal trance is the inclusion of vocal performances. Tracks typically feature lyrics and singing, which can range from ethereal and atmospheric to powerful and emotive. The vocals often convey themes of love, longing, and self-discovery.

3. **Epic Builds and Breakdowns:** Vocal trance tracks often follow a structure that includes epic builds and breakdowns. The build-ups gradually increase in intensity before leading to a climactic drop, while breakdowns provide a moment of reflection and anticipation.

4. **4/4 Time Signature:** Like many EDM genres, vocal trance typically follows a 4/4 time signature, with a steady beat that is easy to dance to.

5. **Electronic Production:** Vocal trance relies on electronic production techniques, with synthesizers, drum machines, and software instruments used to create the music’s distinctive soundscapes.

6. **Emotional Resonance:** The combination of melodies and vocal performances in vocal trance creates a strong emotional resonance with listeners. Many fans of the genre are drawn to its ability to evoke feelings of nostalgia, happiness, and introspection.

7. **Energetic BPM:** Vocal trance tracks often fall within a BPM (beats per minute) range of 128 to 140, making them suitable for dancing in club and festival settings.

8. **Global Appeal:** Vocal trance has a global following and is popular at electronic music festivals and events around the world. It has inspired a dedicated community of fans and artists.

9. **Subgenres:** Within the vocal trance subgenre, there are various substyles and variations, including progressive vocal trance, uplifting vocal trance, and vocal trance with a more progressive house influence.

10. **Iconic Artists:** Vocal trance has produced many iconic artists and tracks over the years. Some well-known vocal trance artists include Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Dash Berlin, and Ferry Corsten.

11. **Crossover with Other Genres:** Vocal trance has occasionally crossed over with other EDM genres, resulting in hybrid styles that incorporate elements of both vocal trance and other subgenres.

Vocal trance’s combination of catchy melodies, emotive vocals, and a danceable beat has made it a popular and enduring subgenre within the EDM landscape. It continues to evolve with new artists and productions while maintaining its focus on melody and emotion.