Twenty Five Cups of Coffee

Mastering On-Line Dating
by Acheson Ph.D., Julianna

This book is a fun account of twenty-five dates that Julianna Acheson, a cultural anthropologist, had with men in Portland, Maine. After finding herself divorced and trying to meet a new man, she found herself using her anthropological skills to analyze her dates. Convinced that she would not be able to sort out prospective dates without meeting them, her strategy consisted of having a simple cup of coffee with twenty-five men. She vehemently maintains that texting a few men without meeting them, is doomed to failure. Inspired by one of her students, the author believes that one can tell a good deal about a man from a cup of coffee with him. This is a humorous read with much insight not just on dating, but also on the interactions of men and women, on the mysteries of on-line dating, and she provides much advise on how to use social media sites to one’s advantage. Whether a reader is dating or helping a friend find a mate, this book is insightful, fun, and debunks many myths about entering the mid-life dating world.

Readers will walk away from this book with a tool box of skills to help analyze social interaction on dates and in other interactions between men and women as well. She provides insight on a host of cultural patterns and norms that she experienced as a newcomer to the dating world.