Tinder Sex Storie

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by Fre3 Fly

A blowjob on the first date. Sex in public places. BDSM. Interracial sex. Sex during the period. Anal sex. Unusual orgasms. MILFs. Nymphos. This book has them all! And they are NOT made-up stories or erotic fantasies. Everything happened JUST as it’s described!

More than 500 matches. More than 100 dates. About 50 kisses and 30 sex experiences. 22 of them were really kinky and unusual, and have made it into this book. Real-life erotic short stories from Tinder as never told before, with all the intimate details.

This was basically my life during the past 2 years. It was totally dedicated to the Tinder app and it was an involuntary Tinder experiment. Countless hours of chatting, hundreds of flirts, hundreds of nude pics and lots of dirty talking and sexting that never became a reality.

But also lots of online dates, lots of experiences, both good and bad sex, Tinder hookup success stories, dreams and fantasies that came true, but also lots of disappointments and Tinder fails. A lot of wasted time, but also some great memories. A lot of knowledge and new information about the nature of women.

Among the chapters of this erotica short stories Kindle ebook you will find:

-The Nympho
-She Loved To Suck Cock
-The Exorcism
-So Many Orgasms
-The Belgian MILF
-So Much Blood
-The 35 Years-Old Virgin
-5 Fuck Buddies
-The Set of Toys
-And many more

I’ll start this erotica short book by presenting some of the most interesting dating experiences I’ve had, and for obvious reasons all the names are fictional. Besides that, everything is written EXACTLY as it happened. Then, I’ll present some of the Tinder bad stories too.

I’ll end up the erotic book Kindle short stories by saying a few general things about the Tinder app, about how its algorithm works and about how different the experience is for men and women. In this app the girls have the power.

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