The Conflicted Love Series : Boxed Set

This collection contains three serial romances that should be read in order. Each of the stories are full books with a complimentary novella at the end.

Book 1: The Conflicted Billionaire
Jenny Jamison is a small-town veterinarian who wants the simple things in life. After a particularly terrible blind date, she decides to give an online dating site a try, where she meets the perfect guy. There’s just one problem: he lives a thousand miles away.

Owen Kaine’s life is filled with people who are more interested in what he has than who he is. On a whim, he joins a dating site anonymously. When things go better than anticipated, he regrets using a fake profile because his perfect girl can’t stand a liar. Can true love survive a comedy of errors?

Book 2: The Conflicted Maid of Honor
Sammie Finch hasn’t had the best time lately and that’s saying a lot considering she’s on a cruise. After a selfish argument with her friend, she heads ashore to see St. Lucia on her own. Her solo excursion is fine until her purse is stolen and she gets lost. With the cruise ship leaving port in a few hours, she must get back to be the maid of honor for her best friend’s wedding.

Dominic Dupre’s routine life in St. Lucia gets shaken up when a lost American woman wanders into his bar. When he fails to get her back to the ship on time, he offers to help her until she can get things straightened out. But his good deeds bring both challenges and unexpected attraction. How far will Dominic go to find out if Sammie is the one?

Book 3: The Conflicted Felon
Natasha Didier has spent the last three years in prison. When she takes a deal and is released, she finds being free has some major drawbacks and struggles to figure out who she is now. When an attempt is made on her life, she has no choice but to leave her birthplace of St. Lucia and move to the plains of Kansas where she meets a slow talkin’ cowboy. In the middle of nowhere, he is her only source of transportation and she finds Kansas is not her cup of tea.

Chet Jackson has found solace in quietly operating his Wyoming horse ranch. When an uncle he never knew passes away, he inherits the home as the next of kin. Forced to go to Kansas to handle business with the lawyer, he is thrust out of his comfort zone and into something he’d sworn off years before – fierce attraction. But he soon realizes, loving this woman is killer.

Bonus Story: The Conflicted 70s Girl
High school senior, Betsy Maples, is focused on having a career, not a relationship. But things get complicated when she rebels against a teacher and lands in trouble she never anticipated. The only person she can turn to when she needs immediate help is a soldier she just met. When love comes calling, Betsy’s future plans are on the line. How will she ever stay true to her heart?