The Coffee Meets Bagel Handbook

Online Dating Advice for Men & Online Dating Advice for Women!
by Patrick King

I am… I like… I look… I appreciate when my date…?!

I’m going to perform a quick trick.
I am chill, funny, and an engineer. I like hiking, traveling, and exploring. I look cheerful, younger than you’d think, and tall in heels. I appreciate when my date is passionate, funny, and confident. I haven’t seen your online dating profile, but I’m willing to bet that I basically just reproduced it.

Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the fastest growing online dating apps today, and is wonderful for its simplicity and low mental investment… but that also causes 99% of profiles to appear like the one above. So how do you stand above the rest in a format that is so limiting and short and start racking up those matches.. and raise your match rates and likes by AT LEAST 50%?

Attention men AND women!

I’ll show you the secrets I’ve learned from years of date coaching for exactly how create an amazing profile and irresistible messages! Includes 30 powerful templates for each of the four profile questions, and a comprehensive text guide and examples for every situation possible… which you’ll need for the huge increase of matches you will get!

Learn how to be the best version of yourself without any insincere tricks, gimmicks, lines, or routines. Online dating advice for men, online dating advice for women!

You won’t get useless advice like “just sound more unique” that other books tell you. I show you exactly what to say and how to say it. This Handbook is the closest you can get to me writing your profile and texts for you.

Results will be genuine and significant – how does increasing your match rate and LIKES by AT LEAST 50% sound? Lining up more dates than you can handle? Building attraction and eliminating flakes through texting? Finally cracking the code and ruling the game? Wouldn’t it be nice to take matters into your own hands, let your personality shine, and take control of your online dating life?

Pick up your copy today and don’t miss another potential LIKE!

P.S. – Bonus!

•How to really answer those pesky text icebreakers that Coffee Meets Bagel gives you.
•The psychology of online dating and how that affects what you do.
•A profile picture guide designed to find the pictures that drive attraction, and the ones that don’t!
•Date segmentation and planning tips.
•The only Coffee Meets Bagel focused guide and online dating tips and online dating advice on the market.