The Chronicles of Dating

The Chronicles of Dating Over 50: 50 Guys, 50 Dates, 50 Days
by Almena Mayes

I’m not a life coach. I’m a woman who has been through a lot and is transparent enough to share my experiences and the lessons I have gained. If we can’t admit to our flaws and failures, we can never learn from them or be healed. So many people walk around smiling and fronting for the world but are secretly wounded and broken at home. Why spend life miserable when you can find joy and peace? Every time a woman says something about being hurt it is not a personal attack on every man. It’s just her story, her experience and her way through. Every time a man says something about feeling misjudged, used or disrespected is not a personal attack on all women. It’s him expressing his pain and frustration. We take these things personally because they trigger something in us that is still broken. This book is not a condemnation of all men. It’s just my experience, and it was funny as heck! I thought it would be great to share. So… fellas I’m not bashing you! Trying to make love connections or even “like” connections can be tricky. As we get older, it becomes even more so. We all have wants and desires but after a certain age we tend to become more afraid to step out and take chances. Who makes the first move? Guess what…I did!