The Best White Persian Melon Tea Pluckings

If you haven’t experienced White Persian Melon tea, you’ve missed a real treat. White Persian Melon tea is a flavorful blend of white tea combined with sweet melon nectar. It’s one of healthiest and most refreshing beverages you can drink.

But, like other teas, some White Persian Melon teas are better than others.

Making great White Persian Melon tea, of course, requires the best white tea with the best melon flavoring.

One of the features that people typically evaluate in determining good tea is when the tea is plucked. However, this is not the best way to judge the White Persian Melon Tea you’re buying.

White tea can only be harvested for about two weeks during March and April of each year. White tea, by definition, is a spring tea, harvested only from the very first buds the tea plant produces each year. Harvesting white tea requires particular temperatures and other environmental conditions.

It must be picked when the weather is dry and there has been no frost the night before. Therefore, all white tea is a “first plucking” unlike other tea plants, which are plucked multiple times during the growing season.

So, when it comes to choosing the best White Persian Melon Tea, it’s more important to understand the best varieties of white tea, so that you know that your White Persian Melon tea is high quality. These varieties are used by many different companies and can be found in several different brands of white tea.

Bai Hao Yinzhen Tea – A Chinese white tea, this is considered the very finest grade of white tea. It is usually referred to as Silver Needle tea and can only be plucked for a little more than two weeks of during March and April. There must be no rain or dew on the ground when it is plucked and there can be no frost. Only unopened and undamaged buds are used to produce this white tea.

Bai Mu Dan Tea – This tea is also grown in China, and is generally considered the second highest grade of Yinzhen tea. This tea is also picked during a short timeframe in March and April and requires correct environmental conditions, too. However, compared to Bai Hao Yinzhen tea, it contains more leaves and fewer buds. The very best tea of this grade uses only the top two leaves on the tea plant, along with the unopened bud.

Darjeeling White Tea – Darjeeling tea is grown in the Darjeeling region of India, the part of the world famous for Darjeeling black teas. Darjeeling white tea is a wonderful combination of the delicacy of white tea with the muscatel flavor that is unique to Darjeeling teas. You’ll find several grades of Darjeeling. To choose the best, be certain that the tea is 100% Darjeeling.

Ceylon White Tea – Ceylon tea is produced in Sri Lanka and is one of the most famous of the black teas. Ceylon white is rare and highly prized. It has a pale color and a hint of honey in its sweetness.

In addition to choosing a White Persian Melon tea that features one of the best white tea varieties, it’s also important to choose a tea that gets its melon flavoring from the highest quality sources.

The best White Persian Melon tea is flavored with melon nectar that has a flavor that is a cross between the tastes of honeydew and cantaloupe.

High quality nectar is important to imparting the sweetness and lightness of the melon flavor and to ensuring that the melon’s anti-oxidants are protected.

Choosing high quality White Persian Melon Tea ensures not only that the taste will be as delicious as you expect, but also that you’ll get all the health benefits you’ve come to expect from white tea. And, with good White Persian Melon tea, you get even greater health benefits than with many other white teas.

Because white tea is not fermented during processing, it retains more anti-oxidants in their most natural state. In addition, melon is a potent source of anti-oxidants, as well. Anti-oxidants are important to our health because they fight free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals are oxygen containing molecules that are created as our bodies turn the food we eat into energy.

Though they are naturally generated, they cause cell and DNA damage, which, over time, leads to aging and disease. Anti-oxidants neutralize these free radicals before they can damage our cells and DNA. For this reason, a diet full of anti-oxidant rich foods like fruits, vegetables and tea, are important to keeping us healthy and ensuring that we live a long life.

White tea contains, among others, the anti-oxidant EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), which is one of the most powerful of any anti-oxidant. Much research has shown that life long consumption of the anti-oxidants in white and green tea can prevent cancer, heart disease and many other maladies of aging.

Melon contains the anti-oxidant GliSODin, which is another of the most powerful anti-oxidants.

GliSODin has been shown to neutralize some of the most powerful free radicals in our bodies and stimulates our bodies to make its own anti-oxidants.

This is especially important because scientists believe that our own body’s anti-oxidants are more effective at destroying free radicals than those we ingest from our diets.

So, as you can see, White Persian Melon tea is one of the healthiest beverages you can add to your diet. Purchase your tea from the most reputable tea companies to ensure you’re buying only the best white tea mixed with only the best melon nectar. The delicious and refreshing flavor will be certain to please your palate while it protects your body.