Tea: Ordering White Persian Melon Tea Online

Whether you’ve been drinking tea for years or are new to this category of beverages, you simply must introduce yourself to white tea. White tea’s light and delicate flavor appeals to most everyone, including people who find black teas too strong.

One of the best white teas to try when you’re new to white tea drinking is white Persian melon tea. I say this because white Persian melon has a fruity taste and is one of the most refreshing white teas on the market. And, white Persian melon can be enjoyed hot or cold, so it’s a very versatile tea.

Trying white Persian melon tea will not only give your taste buds a boost, but it can improve your health, too. White tea is renowned for its ability to boost the immune system and fight infection, so a regular diet of white tea during the cold and flu months may keep you going strong.

In addition, long term ingestion of the anti-oxidants found in white and green tea have been shown to lower your risk of cancer, high cholesterol and heart disease. Tea’s anti-oxidants are powerful fighters of free radicals in our bodies.

Free radicals are created as a by product of digestion. Left unchecked, they damage the DNA and cells in our bodies, causing disease and aging. A diet rich in anti-oxidants is the best way to combat these free radicals and the anti-oxidants in tea have been found to be some of the most effective around.

But, even in the white tea category, white Persian melon ranks as one of the best for your health. This is because melon is also a potent anti-oxidant source. Melon contains an anti-oxidant called GliSODin. This particular anti-oxidant is known to neutralize some of the most destructive free radicals in our bodies.

However, GliSODin also has the power to stimulate our bodies to produce its own anti-oxidants, and has been clinically proven to help maintain cellular health and protect against oxidative damage in several studies. GliSODin is so powerful that it has even found to be effective when used topically.

In addition to GliSODin, melon is a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, beta carotene and lycopene, all potent anti-oxidants in their own rights. So, as you can see, drinking white Persian melon tea may just be an investment in your long term health as well as being delicious.

The biggest problem I can find with white Persian melon tea is that it’s available from limited sources. White tea, in general, is rare, because it is harvested just once a year, and because compared to the number of tea bushes in the world used to produce green and black teas, there are very few white tea plants being grown.

With the increase in popularity of white tea, I think it’s fair to say that white tea production will increase. However, tea plants take several years to mature enough to be harvested, so even if every tea garden that makes quality white tea planted thousands of new bushes, it would be a few years before the market would see that impact.

Because white Persian melon tea is just one blend of white tea, it is even more difficult to come by. Many people are lucky enough to have several very good tea stores in their local area. If you are one of these people, you may be able to find some high quality flavored white teas locally. Look for these things when you purchase white tea:

• It must be loose tea – Don’t even bother with white tea in bag form. It’s just as expensive as loose tea, and is far inferior in quality. Plus, you can’t see what you’re getting when tea is in a bag.

• It should be fluffy in appearance. White tea should not be compact.

• The leaves should have a bit of a silver appearance.

• The aroma should be delicate. Flavored white tea will carry the scent of the flavoring more than the scent of the tea.

If you’re unable to find good white tea locally, your best bet is to order online. In fact, online ordering is great for anyone, because it allows you access to the finest tea shops in the world, regardless of where you live.

The one downside to online ordering is the fact that you don’t get the opportunity to see and taste the tea before you buy. But, some of the best online tea houses have come up with a solution to this dilemma. Many offer a sampler package that offers small quantities of several of their teas at a reasonable price. This allows you to try the tea before you order a large quantity.

Another way to ensure that you will be satisfied with a tea you’ve purchased sight unseen is to only buy from online tea houses that provide a money back guarantee. This way if you don’t like the tea once you’ve tasted it, you can get your money back.

Online ordering will increase your chances of being able to find rare white teas like white Persian melon, but you’ll still find that it’s very difficult to find, particularly in the best quality. Few tea companies produce this combination, and even fewer produce it with the best white tea.

Be certain to sample Golden Moon Tea’s White Persian Melon. It’s the best quality loose white tea mixed with the nectar of melon. You can count on Golden Moon to carry only the best teas at a fair price. And, like all fine tea purveyors, there’s always a money back guarantee. It’s likely that Golden Moon’s White Persian Melon will be one of your all time favorites.