Taylor Made Hybrid Golf Clubs

The Taylor Made Hybrid Golf Clubs line is extensive. The company offers five different club solutions in their Rescue line of hybrids. The different models target different levels of golfers and their tendencies. This article will discuss the 5 models of Taylor Made Hybrid Golf Clubs. For those not aware, hybrids are designed to replace hard to hit long irons. A 3 hybrid, for example, should replace your 3 iron.

The Burner Rescue

This model is made for golfers with driver swing speeds of between 70 and 105 MPH. The Burner has a relatively large head which enables more perimeter weighting and a center of gravity (CG) a bit lower and farther back than some other models. This translates into both a forgiving club face and shots launched at a high trajectory. In other words the club is easy to hit. Another feature is what is called “Steel Pull-Face” construction which results in a club face with a high COR (coefficient of restitution- it means the club has a spring-like effect), and this translates into more distance. As with all the Taylor Made hybrids, there are choices of stock graphite and steel shafts, and some other custom shaft choices are available as well. There are 4 clubs available in this model: 3, 4, 5, and 6 hybrids, and they come in both women’s and left handed versions (except the 6 hybrid for lefties). In general this set would fit below average, average, and some above average players.

The Rescue TP

This model is designed for more advanced players with higher driver swing speeds, that is from 90-115 MPH, which is getting up to professional levels on the high end. The face is shallow and smaller than the Burner, as more skilled players don’t need such a forgiving club. The launch angle is lower and the club doesn’t produce as much backspin. These are all attributes of clubs used by low handicap players who are able to hit solid and consistent shots with long clubs. The four clubs available in the series are 1, 2, 3, and 4 hybrids, so clearly these are made for more advanced players. All but the 4 hybrid are available for left handed players. There is not a women’s club in this line, as very few women have swing speeds in this range. Once again, a number of different steel and graphite shafts can be chosen for Rescue TP hybrids.

The Rescue Dual Hybrid

This line of hybrids offers Taylor Made’s “Movable Weight Technology™”. Weights can be moved on the club which will result in more of a draw bias, so this will be helpful for players who have a tendency to hit a slice. The weight shift can also modify the ball trajectory. More advanced players don’t need or want a high launch angle, as they hit the ball hard and it will get high enough into the air. The club head is relatively small, but the club still offers a moderate amount of forgiveness. This line of clubs is recommended for golfers with driver swings between 55 and 105 MPH, which is a wide range. Basically this says that below average players and even some above average players could benefit from these clubs. It’s a question of whether the movable weights will be of help for your particular swing. Once again, 4 clubs are available for right handed players, a 2, 3, 4, and 5 hybrid. Only the 3 and 4 hybrids come in left-handed versions, and there are no ladies clubs in this line.

The Rescue Dual TP Hybrids

These clubs are for skilled players with driver swing speeds over 105 MPH. The movable weight system is in this line as well. The CG is slightly higher than in the Rescue Dual, and thus the ball flight is lower and more piercing. Strong players prefer this type of ball flight since they can control the ball better. Tour level shafts are used in this model, and 4 choices of clubs are available. There are two choices of a 2 hybrid, one with a 14 degree loft and the other with 16 degrees of loft. 3 and 4 hybrids are also available. The 14 degree 2 hybrid and 4 hybrid are not made in left-handed versions.

The r7 Draw Rescue

This line of hybrids can be used by players needing a club that can be hit easily and gets into the air quickly at a high launch angle. The club is also designed to produce a hook bias to aid golfers who habitually slice the ball and to help them hit straighter shots. The specs say that anyone with driver swing speeds from 55-105 MPH can use these clubs effectively. The club head is large, and this allows for a CG that is well back from the club face. This also allows for more perimeter weighting leading to a club that is forgiving of off-center hits. There are 3, 4, 5, and 6 hybrids available, except for the 6 hybrid for lefties. Women’s clubs are available. The clubs are designed for use with lighter shafts to develop more club head speed for those who need all the distance they can get. This is another line for below average, average, and some above average golfers. The main issue is to address a correction for a constant slice that many golfers have. It differs from the Rescue Dual line in that it does not have the movable weight system.

It is clear that making a choice of which hybrids to put in your bag is a confusing one as there are so many choices. And here we have only been discussing the offerings of Taylor Made Hybrid golf clubs. Obviously all the golf equipment brands have their own lines as well. If you are going to pay $120- $175 or so for each of these clubs, it would behoove you to have a custom fitting with a knowledgeable professional, preferably a certified custom club maker, before making your purchases. That person can help guide you into clubs you can use effectively and get the most out of. If you don’t do this, you might be not only wasting your money, but paying a high price to play poorly.