Stupid Cupid by Alison O’Donnell

Stupid Cupid: A Survivor’s Guide to Online Dating
by Alison O’Donnell

What do you get when you mix a stand-up comedian, an English teacher, and a single mom in the on-line dating world? My sexual fantasy, but you also get Alison O’Donnell’s literary masterpiece.
The result is her “Self Help Comedy of Horrors”.
She has a black belt in comedy, and valuable scar tissue from well over 100 dates that she meshes together into hilarious and true stories that will have you firing beverages out of your nostrils with laughter. Make a date to read this book.
~Tom Cotter, As seen on the Tonight Show, Today Show, The Good Wife and Howard Stern Show

Great book!!! LMAO!!!
Funny, clever, witty and enlightening.
My cheeks are still hurting. All four of them.
Stupid Cupid is a cleverly written and funny awareness book illustrating the landmines of computer dating… Ms. O’Donnell’s insightful and quick-witted perspective of the dating scene’s trappings will enlighten any reader. A must have for any on-line (or potential) daters.
~Ed “The Machine” Regine, comedian, actor, writer