Starting A Home Business: Ten Reasons Why You’ll Be Better Off Doing It

Many people online today are searching for ways to earn extra income and can come up with a million different excuses as to why they should not get involved. The excuses people usually give are:

1. I can’t afford it
2. I don’t have enough time
3. It’s too risky
4. I don’t know how to get started

I want you to think about something for a second. For most people, their yearly income is about the average of the five closet people they know and associate with the most. There will be people you come across in life who will feel threatened by your drive and passion to succeed in life. They will always complain, criticize and shoot down anything you try to get involved with. Why? Because they are miserable and their life is in pieces, and misery loves company.

For the success driven people I have compiled a list of ten reasons why you should go after your dreams of owning a home business and achieving unlimited income potentials, so you can have the freedom to spend more time with your loved ones and pursue your life’s passions. And also use this list to constantly remind yourself the benefits of working from home, because about 90% of home businesses fail within the first year and only the success driven, passionate people who refuse to give up despite setbacks will come out ahead in a home business venture.

So here is my top ten reasons as to why you will be better off owning your own home business.

1. No Boss
Enough said! Plan your own workday out. You can watch over yourself and set your own rules. You can make the work environment fun for yourself and work at your own pace. Let’s face it bosses suck!

2. No Ceiling On Salary
Most jobs will make you work for many years before you hit a ceiling on your income, and then it will never go up! By the time you’ve reached this income ceiling you will be old and will want to retire but can’t because you will not be making enough to keep up with the cost of living. There is a big difference between getting a raise and getting a cost of living adjustment. Did you know that most people at age 65 have a negative net worth. Starting a home business now can point you on the road to earning lifetime residual income which will always increase with no limits.

3. A Better Retirement Plan
Did you know that SEP, IRA’s & Keoghs will let you deduct a much higher percentage of business profit than your 401K will.

4. You Will Get Self-Satisfaction
You will feel good about yourself because you created the business and will also get the credit for it. The one thing that really stinks about working for someone else is when you do something to benefit the business or increase profits, and never receive credit or compensation for it. Everything you do will benefit you and your business and you can feel excited about every little step you make in progressing forward.

5. No Commute To Your J.O.B. (Just Over Broke)
Driving or taking the bus or train to work everyday can add up to alot of money in the long run. With oil prices rising to unprecedented levels, you have to start thinking of ways to conserve money on transportation. Some people spend a big chunk of their paycheck on transportation these days commuting to work. It is not a good feeling when you think about how you are spending most of your hard earned money on just getting to your J.O.B. everyday.

6. Work With People You Enjoy
No more dealing with office politics and difficult co-workers. When you are stuck in an office for eight hours a day with the same people everyday, things can get a little out of control. Working at home can provide you with a relaxed work environment with friends and family to comfort you along the way.

7. Job Security
Owning a home business is the best job security anyone could ask for. You will not have to worry about corporate downsizing or layoffs. You can relax knowing the only person that can fire you is yourself.

8. Flexible Work Schedule
You can work the hours that best fit into your schedule and not have to worry about finishing your work ontime because the boss doesn’t want to pay overtime or have angry, stressed out co-workers that put pressure on you because they can’t leave until your done.

9. No Office Expenses
When your office is based out of your own home you will be in profit much quicker than a regular brick and motar business because you will have less expenses. As a matter of fact, you can be in business with just a computer, internet connection and web hosting account.

10. The Biggest Reason Of All For Starting A Home Business: Tax Deductions!
I could write another whole book on this one topic alone. This is the one thing every tax book will tell you. If you want to save money on taxes you should consider starting a home business and taking advantage of the tax benefits. The list of deductions is tremendous. You can deduct your car, travel expenses, medical insurance, phone, travel, entertainment, etc. If you are not taking advantage of this tax loophole you could be losing thousands of dollars every year!

I hope this list will inspire you to start your own profitable home business and never give up! And remember, don’t ever listen to anybody that will try and bring you down. Always look up to successful people and follow the path they took to success. All business plans can be duplicated to bring the same results if you are strong and never give up despite failure.