Planet Single by Maggie McGuinness

Bad kissers, sexy sales reps, and dashing detectives – welcome to life on Planet Single!

After years in the world of marriage and children, being dumped back into single life makes Katerina feel like she’s on a different planet. Things have certainly changed. You can shop online for men now, with a bewildering array of choice, but there doesn’t seem to be a refund policy. Was looking for love always this complicated?

Kat sets off to rediscover herself and her lost libido, which went missing in action some time ago. Learning to navigate her crazy new world, she meets a succession of dodgy online dates, a handsome law enforcer, a little old lady with a taste for vengeance, and a whole tribe of young and virile workmates. Who knew selling stationery could be so much fun? (And maybe that libido isn’t completely lost after all.)

Join Maggie McGuinness in a celebration of love, laughter, starting over – and how friendship can be the sweetest revenge.

(Some sex scenes – not explicit – and lots of ‘colourful’ language.)