Cosmetic Surgery Review

Cosmetic surgery consists not just of enhancing someones beauty, but also to help those who have been badly damaged in an accident or who have physical birth defects. Many believe that women are the main

It’s Been A Tough But Worthwhile Journey

Firesnaps: Online Digital Photo Management | Image Hosting | Photo Printing Service It's been a tough but worthwhile journey... A few years ago I had this idea for a photo hosting website. At the time

The Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavaliers first began play in the NBA in 1970 as an expansion team. Under the direction of coach Bill Fitch, they compiled a league-worst 15-67 record. However, the team began to build around the 1971

Stock Option Trading Millionaire Principles

Having been trading stocks and options in the capital markets professionally over the years, I have seen many ups and downs. I have seen paupers become millionaires overnight… And I have seen millionaires

Spirit of Simples

WHAT IS A SIMPLE? A "simple" is one herb used at a time. A "simpler" is an herbalist who generally uses herbs one at a time, rather than in combinations. WHY USE SIMPLES? Most herbalists I have met

Bush Flirts with Fascism

DETROIT -- The regime has already produced so many ignominious legacies that historians in the near future will be able to feast on the task of measuring the damage from the wretched deeds the Busheviks

Tips to maximize the sale of your business

Question: How can I maximize the amount of cash I receive when I sell my business? Answer: Acquire every last after tax dollar and get paid in cash. Also, follow three critical steps before proceeding: 1. Preplan

Birmingham City Guide

Britain’s second biggest city after London is Birmingham. Birmingham is the cultural centre of the West Midlands and offers the casual visitor an enormous range of exciting opportunities and things to

Rural Relocation

So you’re thinking about going country? It’s time to abandon the frenzy of city life, drop the ‘G’ from the end of your verbs and trade your Gucci for goats. You long to be in a place where business

How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, the holiday that has its origin in the Puritan’s tradition of giving thanks for a good harvest. The Puritans weren’t the first in this regard. Many religious

True Credit Secrets

Figuring out exactly how credit scores work is problematic. Like nuclear fission, learning Chinese and setting the clock on your DVD player, credit scoring is not something that most people can easily

When a Brain Aneurysm Bleeds

Spontaneous subarachnoid (pronounced sub-uh-RACK-noid) hemorrhage is rightfully the most feared cause of sudden headache. Usually due to rupture of aneurysms (abnormal, balloon-like outpouchings of arteries)

Marketing with Integrity

Playing games can be a lot of fun, but in business they can take an ugly turn when they turn into head games. How we play games, or play at games, often reflects our true nature as to how we do business. We

Colored Diamonds You Can Buy

Aside from white, diamonds are also found in shades of yellow, brown, red, purple, blue and green. The color can be either natural or artificial. Natural fancy color diamonds get their coloring in different

Essential Oils For Your Journeys

Going on a trip is usually thought of as a wonderful experience, one that you and your family may have planned and looked forward to for some time. To have the most fun - to get the most out of the experience

The American Revolution

The American Revolution was a civil war between Loyalists to the British crown (aka Tories, about one fifth of the population), supported by British expeditionary forces, and Patriots (or Whigs) in the

Principles of Business War

How you can maximize and retain the best and the brightest Did you know that up to 38% of your managers, supervisors, and team leaders are about to leave? Monster (the premiere online job search company)

Teen Chat

Mike just got back his math test from the previous week. The mark he earned was a “C”. He can barely hold back his disappointment, because he studied for it for a long time. He can’t believe it.

History of the Standing Liberty Quarter

The radical change in our coinage that was taking place in the early 20th century was not quite done by 1916. With the new Lincoln cent and Buffalo nickel now in circulation, and changes to gold coinage,

Having a bonus baby

I once asked a friend of mine what it was like to give birth to twins. She said: ‘First one came out and then the other.’ I didn’t both to ask her whether raising twins was as simple. We all know


Mushrooms. Earthy, elegant, rich, meaty….. Extraordinary. Mushrooms fall into the love/hate category. You either love ‘em or …… not so much. Kinda like George W, Eminem, country music, and

Google Sitemaps Benefits

Google Sitemaps enables Webmasters to Directly Alert Google to Changes and Additions on a Website and that's just one of 7 Benefits. Telling search engines about new pages or new websites use to be what

When The Bailiff Comes Knocking

If your debts get to the stage where a bailiff comes knocking at your door to seize goods, it can be a very distressing experience. However, if you know your rights and the law beforehand, this can alleviate


A wild-flower garden has a most attractive sound. One thinks of long tramps in the woods, collecting material, and then of the fun in fixing up a real for sure wild garden. Many people say they have no

Steps To Success Anyone Can Duplicate

Success means different things to different people. Whatever your definition of success, this article will help you realize your goals. If you define success in terms of a good job or a profitable self-owned

The Truth About Sexual Power

Prostitution has been called "the world's oldest profession". That truth is based on a power imbalance which derives from the physical nature of human bodies. Simply put, women have an opening in their

Change Is Good If You Don’t Mind

There is a saying "the only one who likes to be changed is a baby in a wet diaper". For the most part that is very true. However, people really do like change they simply resist being changed. This may

How to Have Financial Peace

One of the biggest contributors toward personal peace is financial peace. Sometimes it is assumed that financial peace is only for those with endless amounts of money. In actuality, you can be financially

How Being Narcoleptic Is Not Funny

I keep falling asleep, even first thing in the morning after eight hours sleep the night before. Being a perpetual student, I’m always trying to learn something, but the minute I pick up a book to start

Fail proof Business

According to the US Small Business Administration 50% of all small businesses fail in the first year. 95% fail in the first five years. Business researchers report several reasons for this dramatic failure

Busking at Clapham Common Station

My mother told me "Buy yourself a lot of beautiful dresses in London!". So I decided to patrol the Covent Garden area this time. I wanted to see a pair of shops of which I had visited the websites. My

The Secret To Online Success

When most people begin any kind of business they seem to have a lot of expectations. They think the money will come rolling the moment they place their adds, get a webpage, or spend on advertising and

The Basic Credit Card Types

It may seem incredible, but credit card issuers clog the mails with over 2.5 billion offers inviting people to apply for a credit card. Even those who would not qualify for a conventional credit card due

How to Find a Great Franchise Directory

Starting a small business from scratch brings a considerable risk. If you want to be a business owner without the risk of starting a new business then you might be a great candidate for franchising. Many

Lose Weight Permanently Without Dieting

How To Lose Weight And Keep Fat Off Forever Without Strict Diet How many times have you heard a friend say, "I am on a diet"? Then what happens is your friend would lose some weight for a while before

Why Do Injuries Occur In Golf

Injuries occur in all athletic events quite frequently, certain sports more so than others. Golf is no different than any other sport. The severity of injuries in golf usually are not as severe as in other

Watching the NFL versus the MLB

Imagine placing two flat screen plasma TV’s side by side in your living room smack dab in front of your couch. You’ve got beer, snacks a-plenty and fresh batteries in your clicker. One TV has an NFL