Opinion On Affordable Health Coverage

I have been working on the battle for affordable health coverage for all for the longest time, and some people actually view me an authority in this area. I have worked with the employed, unemployed, and retired on getting affordable medical coverage, so let me tell you how things stand in the fight. Most people probably already have an idea that it can be very hard to find access to low priced health coverage. Unless your employer covers you, or you are a civil servant, you will probobly be overpaying for your health care coverage, and possibly alot more than you would think. For this reason, many people across the state and across the country are trapped in dead end jobs in the hopes of keeping their affordable medical coverage. Although they are not doing satisfying work, or advancing their careers, they have to stay with the same old gig because, if they do not, they will lose their health insurance and be in real trouble.

Among the people without low priced medical coverage are many children in this country. Let us face it, despite being the very richest country in the world, we have failed many of our citizens, even children, in not providing them with the access to affordable health coverage which is certainly, quite literally, a matter of life and death to multiple. Without affordable health insurance and good nutrition, masses of of the poorest are chronically sick and struggling with their medical expenses, unable to pay which it is that they owe, and so always under the crushing weight of poverty.

Although there are plenty reformists who are actually industry flunkies claiming that all is very possibly needed is most definately a little reform to insure affordable medical insurance, anyone who has been on the front lines like I have been will tell you the bare truth. The best route to low priced health care coverage is most definately obvious, and has been obvious for a good long time. As a nation, we just can not go without having single payer health care coverage any more. With single payer health care, every citizen of the country will be guaranteed well priced medical insurance, paid through their taxes. Although some people say that it can be too high priced to add a new service, it will be, in fact, much cheaper than paying private, for-profit industries to insure us as we do now. It may quite be really the natural solution to each and every one of our low priced medical insurance problems faced in America every today.