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Artist Name
Hasenchat Music
Record Label
Hasenchat Music Germany
Release Date
Primary Genre
Secondary Genre
Primary Subgenre
Secondary Subgenre
Alternative Dance
Type: Background Music
Album Language
Artist Sounds Like
Calvin Harris
David Guetta
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Music for sport is a type of music that is designed to enhance the performance, motivation, and enjoyment of athletes and exercisers. Music for sport can have various effects, such as reducing perceived exertion, increasing arousal, improving mood, facilitating movement synchronization, and providing feedback. Music for sport can be classified into four categories: asynchronous music, synchronous music, motivational music, and sedative music. Asynchronous music is music that is played in the background and does not match the tempo or rhythm of the activity. Synchronous music is music that is matched to the tempo or rhythm of the activity, such as running or cycling. Motivational music is music that has lyrics or messages that inspire or encourage the listener. Sedative music is music that has a calming or relaxing effect on the listener. Music for sport can be selected based on various criteria, such as personal preference, musical attributes, situational factors, and psychological outcomes. Music for sport can be a powerful tool to enhance the experience and performance of athletes and exercisers of all levels and abilities.