Most Latin Dating Sites are a Waste of Pesetas

Dating has come along way in the last half a century. Back in our parents’ and grandparents’ day, a guy would ask a girl out and expect a friendly interrogation by her parents before taking her anywhere. There would be no hand holding or kissing until a number of dates had taken place and sex before marriage was rare. You would want to know someone fairly well before even considering going on a date with them. These days, we have blind dates, chat rooms, online dating sites, speed dating and many more options. In the old days, dating was about finding a suitable marriage partner. Now it seems to be largely about getting a shag. There is nothing wrong with that, if that is what you are after, but anyone can hide behind a computer screen and you don’t really know who you’re talking to or if their profile photo is really them.

Online dating sites exist for the sole reason of making money and people in chat rooms pretend to be something they are not, just because they can. This makes the whole online dating game a game of chance. Online dating was, for a while, the fastest growing e-commerce sector, but has fizzled out somewhat because there are new options now, such as free live webcam chat.

Major Dating Companies Sued and Yahoo have both been accused of defrauding people with their online dating systems. Allegedly, employees were posing as members, flirting with genuine members with the sole aim of getting them to renew their membership when it is about to run out. The employees were also accused of going on hundreds of date per month. Yahoo, on the other hand, were accused of creating fake profiles to arouse more interest from potential members and encourage them to part with further membership fees (with many dating sites a monthly fee is required to stay active). Both companies deny all this but as they say, there is no smoke without fire…

Fraudulent Sites
One real giveaway when visiting dating sites is if all the woman look like supermodels and the men are average. Within hours of registering, you will get several emails from ‘women’ (possibly staff) and have to pay for membership so you can answer them. There is an online company called which masquerades as a dating company but has received hundreds of complaints from guys who claim the women simply do not exist. (With a name like that, you would be suspicious – well, I would be!)

Latin Dating Sites
Let’s have a look at Latin dating sites. One well-known site, if you are looking for a sexy señorita, is, which is part of the network. You don’t get anything for free on here. You can’t even browse the ads without paying a membership fee so obviously you can’t find out how many people are on the site or whether any will actually be what you are looking for before you pay. Most of the profiles are outdated and if you buy membership and add your profile and photo, only paying members can view it. You are not guaranteed any responses at all so you might be wasting your money. One review online claims that the only responses he received were from pornographic models who wanted him to visit their porn sites and pay to watch their sex videos. He was looking for dates not porn (if he wanted porn, he could’ve found a lot of free stuff online but this is supposed to be a dating site!) claims to have over 1.5 million members (including lots of Latinas) but when I tried to register, it claimed my city and postcode did not exist! I soon gave up. Dating is supposed to be fun, not a headache. is a site which doesn’t require much profiling on your part. Many people on here don’t even bother with photos. is another site with bad reviews. An ex-member claims to have received more than 50 emails from women. He deleted his details and left only his username and email address and claimed to still receive those emails at the same hour of each day! Surely this is a ‘bot’ trying to encourage him to upgrade from free membership. These dating sites don’t even try to hide what they’re doing!

So what are your alternatives? Well, you could venture out into the real world and meet people. If you don’t fancy that, you could visit a webcam site such as StreamMate or SpreadForU. You can chat for free to the girls or pay for a live show, but at least you know why you are both there and you can chat to a real live person without wondering who is actually behind emails from a dating site. If you visit CamContacts, there is a ‘looking for love’ section and you can chat to girls on their webcams, which is far better than relying on email and photos of – well, photos could be of anybody! I’mLive offers free text chat with the girls (and boys!) and you can see their photos as you chat. LiveJasmin also has a non-nude category where you can chat for free. And you know exactly who you are talking to (unlike online dating).

Are Latin Dating Sites Worthwhile?
If you compare chatting for free on a webcam with a live girl to receiving emails (and having to pay for them!) from, let’s face it, it could be anybody – there is no contest. Dating websites tend to be pure pot luck. Some are OK, some are awful and all of them rely on membership fees to keep going. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t bother joining any of the sites I have browsed. Not knowing if the people on the site actually exist is a strong indication that online dating is a waste of time!