Martial Arts Home Training Machine

The martialarm is a martial arts home training partner which allows repetitive practice of training techniques and attack methods because it simulates and reacts like a real opponent actually throwing a punch or an enemy in an aggressive guard. As you train on the martialarm it develops these attack techniques and it allows the use of full power in your strikes.

Once you come into contact with the martialarm training partner it will react – it twists and turns up, down, left and right just as a real opponent would. It has internal springs so offers realistic resistence forward and back to the center and is made of solid steel and upholstered for its superb strength.

It’s true. The Martialarm provides resistance and reacts like a real partner. The arm can spring out with realistic forward pressure. And if you don’t control it properly when you enter its defenses, it WILL strike you back! This is the kind of solo training experienced martial artists have been craving. The constant forward pressure and resistance to the center really opens up the possibilities of your solo training.

And it’s only a fraction of the price of the traditional wooden dummy!

The Martialarm is the only martial arts training dummy that offers you complete realism in all your martial arts training in kung fu, karate, krav maga, jeet kune do, tae kwon do, kempo and more.

The martialarm is unlike other training dummies: The wooden dummy has been used for centuries as a solo training tool. In recent years, they’ve been made available in different materials including plastic. But still they all have one thing in common:

They dont move and they’re all static.

The wooden dummy usually costs hundreds of dollars but is still only designed to absorb your blows and improve your form. It doesn’t react to your attacks like a real partner would. So even though you get good repetition training, which is okay for getting the basics down, it can be difficult to use and can get boring pretty quickly.

Why Some Martial Artists Improve Faster Than Others

As martial artists, we all know this. Your martial arts instructor probably hammers the point home in class on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there are only so many classes in a week and this can limit your learning and progress.

You want to get better – fast. And you’re willing put in your time with home training. But solo training can only take you so far because it lacks the interaction that only a partner can provide.

Until Now!

Owning a Martialarm gives you an interactive training partner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s there for you all day, every day, whether you want to train after midnight or at the crack of dawn.

With its sturdy construction, it’ll take everything you’ve got, so you won’t have to hold back! So give your little brother a break from the bruises. He’s probably tired of being your practice dummy anyway!

Your Own Personal Training Partner – Hangs Right on Your Wall!

The traditional wooden dummy is quite bulky and requires a big chunk of space to set it up properly for training. That’s fine if you have a big training hall, but you probably don’t have that much space to devote to your training.

The Martialarm fits into even the smallest training areas.

With its compact design, it’s easy to make space for it, even if you live in a tiny bachelor’s apartment! Or if you have a training hall, the Martialarm is small enough for you to put up a bunch of them so more students can benefit from training with them.

It’s very easy to set up and it hangs conveniently on your wall, ready and waiting for your next urge to train.

How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying: “I’ll Get Back Into Training Next Week…”?

Many people give up on their martial arts training because it stops being fun. The reason why this happens is because they’re not being challenged enough so it becomes repetitive. Dont become an ex-martial artist statistic.

Break through your training block!

Add an exciting new dimension to your training that will bust through your boredom and make your martial arts training exciting again!

The Martialarm will give you the active, dynamic training workout that will renew your interest in the martial arts.

9 Reasons to Buy the Martialarm today!

1 A wooden dummy can cost over $1000. The Martialarm, on the other hand, available now at the discounted price of $399. That’s nearly a $600 savings!

2 If you want your martial arts school to boom, try putting up a few Martialarms. Everyone will want to try it out! Martial arts schools everywhere are reaping the rewards.

3 Training with the Martialarm regularly will not only get you in shape, it’ll help you get the cut look you’ve always wanted!

4 The Martialarm is the only training dummy that moves and twists – up, down, left and right – just like a real opponent would! It can spring forward and it does strike back! It’s the most effective training tool for wing chun, jeet kune do or kung fu since the wooden dummy.

5 The Martialarm is your 24/7 training partner. If you want to train at 2 in the morning, it’s there for you!

6 You don’t have to worry about injuring anyone. If you need to relieve some tension take it out on the Martialarm. It can take it!

7 The Martialarm comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t love training with it after 30 days, we’ll refund your money minus shipping.

8 Just learned a new technique but have no one to practice it on? The Martialarm will not only be there but will show you if it works.

9 You can learn new martial arts skills by watching the Martialarm videos. You’ll learn what you need to defend yourself and your loved ones. And by training regularly, you’ll get results in no time!