Make A Nice Living Auto Surfing Online, Everyone Can Do It!

If you have been online for a while, most likely you have seen or heard the buzz about making money by surfing web pages, clicking on ads or reading emails.

Can you really make a nice living by surfing online? The answer is a big YES, and it is proven by hundreds and thousands of people every day. The standard return is 1-4% daily. With 1% daily and using the compounding option, you can earn up to 600% -1000% or more in a year.

Image invest $1000 and get back $6000 in a few month or a year, no other banks can beat the return on this.

But, as every thing else, you need find the right program to join and the right way to get started.

Autosurf is a form of advertisement that automatically rotates ads in viewer’s Internet browser. The advertisers pay to the host for their ads or web sites to be displayed, and the host pay its members in a certain percentage or on an hourly basis.

It is normally free to join the Autosurf programs, some hosts even give free $10 or $20 bonus to simply ask you to test and get familiar with their system.

Upon joining, you will make money by watching the advertisement rotation in your browser and make commission by doing this. The pages you need surf per day varies in different programs, some requires you watch 10-20 pages while other may require 200 pages a day, it can normally be done in between 10 minutes to 1 hour.

As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to sit in front of computer all the time to watch the pages, you can just open the surf page and go away, just let the page rotate itself. But you always find some interesting or helpful sites listed and want to explore further.

If you want to make more money, you can upgrade to the level you are comfortable with to gain better returns, each program has their own rules on the minimum and maximum funds allowed in the upgrade, bigger upgrade will yield bigger returns.

The payout period change from program to program too, with some you can gain profit as quick as 5-10 days, while the others will require you surf for a month or even longer to receive payment.

There are many auto surf programs and it is definitely worth the time and effort to do the in-depth research before you purchase upgrade.

Just like other investment, you need understand the program before you jump in; here are the important areas you should check at:

1. Program History

Read the web page of the program you are interested in joining, and find out how long it has been around and its vision for the future growth. Autosurf industry is relatively new and lots of them come and go quickly. You need find the stable and longevity ones to invest in.

Always remember, don’t only look at the returns. If the promise is too good to be true, it is probably not true.

2. Program Forum

The reputable surf program always setup forums for their members to voice their concerns or excitement, and exchange information. The forum admin will also get involved in answering questions and issues.

There is always “I Get Paid” section for users to post their payment screenshot too.

By reading through the forum, you will get the sense of enthusiastic and support among the group of “investors”, you will also develop your personal confidence about the future of the program.

3. Other Online Discussion Groups

There are a lot of other Autosurf discussion forums or discussion groups on the Internet, do a search on Google and you will find a handful of them. Read through the posts and find the best program that suits your needs or surfing habit.

Go with the flow, chances are, you won’t make disastrous mistakes if hundreds or thousands people praise the program and are willing to put their hard earned money into it again and again.

User support plays a strong role in the success and longevity of Autosurf program.

4. Play safe

Play safe, start small. All Autosurf program has risk in it, the rule of thumb is: DO NOT put more than you can afford to lose, doesn’t matter how enticing the program is.

Set your target high, but do not let your greedy and high expectation carry you away.

If you choose the right program and stay upgrading for a few cycles, you will see your money pilled up quickly. Keep your principle and use the profit to invest so you won’t feel too much pain if the program shut down overnight.

5. Understand Terms and Conditions

If you decide to join the program, make sure you spend enough time on reading the programs terms and conditions. Some programs have strict rules on upgrading, surfing, spam, etc. If you violate the rules, you will find your account is suspended in no time.

6. Diversification

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, find a few good programs and diversify your money in them.

But don’t open too many accounts that you can not manage in a day. Remember, you have to surf everyday to accumulate the profit, in Autosurf world, everyday counts.

When plan properly and invest wisely, you will earn a decent living by surfing less than 1 hour online. In fact, lots of people give up their jobs for Auto Surfing.

Don’t let the opportunity passing by; you need try it to find the happiness and fulfillment the exciting programs can bring. It can literally change your life, a chance to say goodbye to the hard-dirty, long-hour and low-paid work.