Learning Basic Cooking Techniques Facilitates Cooking Enjoyment

Basic cooking techniques are very important to learn as possessing this knowledge not only increases the ease in which cooking projects are completed but also increases the overall enjoyment of cooking

Cooking Techniques Are Universal In The World Of Fine Cuisine

Basic cooking techniques have specific names that are universal among cookbook authors, cooking schools and chefs. Learning these basic cooking methods and techniques are integral to successfully learning to cook.

A Definition Of Basic Cooking Techniques

Blanching or parboiling are two names that refer to one important cooking technique that is used to soften a vegetable. This step is usually done prior to moving forward with another cooking step, generally to ease the removal of vegetable skins or to leach out bitterness of certain vegetables. Often times, the vegetables are shocked, or plunged into a bowl of ice water to stop the vegetables from cooking any further.

Broiling is a term used to describe a particular method of cooking. This term refers to using high heat to brown food under direct heat. Some foods such as eggplant, croutons and tofu can be fully cooked under a broiler but for most others, it is a secondary cooking method used to brown or toast the tops of the foods. When using a broiler, it is important to keep foods between 4-6 inches from the heat source.

Steaming is a popular method of food preparation that promotes the healthy retention of nutrients. Steaming generally refers to the cooking of vegetables over a small amount of water. There are special steaming pots that can be purchased in kitchen stores designed specifically to fit into a pan. This specialty kitchen tool holds the vegetables above the water and maintains the quality of the steamed food.

Sautéing is a term that is used to describe the cooking of vegetables over high heat in a specially designed pan. Sauté is a term that is used to refer to the cooking method, a specifically designed pan and as a name or fashion of preparation such as “sautéed mushrooms”.

Simmering and Boiling are two common terms used in everyday cooking terminology, both are very important forms of everyday cooking. Boiling is a term used to describe a fast way of completing food preparation without losing a great deal of nutrients. When boiling food, it is important to have a large rolling boil in the water prior to introducing the foods that are being cooked. Simmering is the preparation of food at a soft boil rather than the rolling, bubble breaking boil. There are many foods that required a cooking process that includes both boiling and simmering. It is important when cooking that the instructions following these two methods of cooking are followed precisely to insure that the food is prepared properly.

Cooking techniques are a very important part of learning to cook successfully. If you are interested in learning more about cooking techniques, it is possible to buy training cookbooks, cooking technique manuals and dictionaries to increase your overall knowledge of cooking.