Lcd Monitor Brings Computer Images To Life

If you have not purchased a new computer monitor recently then you might not realize how far technology has come. While everyone knows that the memory speed and capacity of personal computers has continued to grow by leaps and bounds each year, there are many people who still continue to use computers monitors that utilize outdated and archaic technology. If you want to see everything your computer can do in brilliant colors and sharp resolution, then a 17” LCD monitor is the first place you should look.

LCD – or liquid crystal display – provides a quality display for your computer that is unrivaled. A 17” LCD monitor – a size that will fit nicely in nearly any computer hutch – has a striking resolution that can not be had in other kinds of computer monitors. With very small pixels that create the picture, the screen produces images that are clear and lacking in the grainy quality that other monitors produce. Adding to the appeal of a 17” LCD monitor is its energy use. In a world where we are increasingly cognizant of our electricity consumption it makes sense to utilize technology that uses very little electricity, such as LCD technology.

A 17” LCD monitor does more than produce a good looking picture; it looks good while doing it as well. Gone are the days where a computer monitor was as deep as it was wide; like a small television set on your desk. The big, bulky monitors of the past are history and in their place are the slim, flat profiles that you can find in a 17” LCD monitor.

The technological advances that can be found in a 17” LCD monitor do not begin and end with its brilliant picture quality and slim design. In fact, one can purchase a 17” LCD monitor that has touch screen technology that will allow you to navigate your computer using just your fingertip, or with the touch of a stylus.

Not every 17” LCD monitor is created equally, so be sure to investigate the specifications of a monitor before you purchase. Different models vary in things like their resolution, contrast ratio, brightness, and viewing angle to specify a few. Depending on their features the prices can range greatly, from under $200 to $1000 or more. You will also find that most 17” LCD monitors are both MAC and PC compatible.