The activation and movement of Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) is extremely difficult. This is because the flow has to be obstructed. One feels carefree and joyous when there is no discipline. The taste buds are in ecstasy when allowed to eat anything and everything. As a result of habit our tongue wants both tasty food and excess in quantity. The same holds true for our genitals. Lusty people keep touching mental highs and lows and they go to extremes in all their activities. A man of lust never gets mental satiation, his body tires fast yet the mind keeps desiring more and more. The same holds true for all the sense organs. The mind is the eleventh sense organ. It has 3 taste buds i.e. greed, attachment and the ego. The entire body is full of lethargy. Ordinary lives flow in this direction. Vile activities that are beastly and ghostly in nature drop downwards. Hence obstructing this fall is as difficult as building a strong dam. And more difficult is vaporizing the salty water of the ocean so as to make it potable. Very powerful technology is required to dig wells or oil wells so as to get water and oil respectively. Cranes are needed to pull and raise them. Also it is a gigantic task to maintain and repair these machines. A very qualified engineer is needed for proper maintenance of machines. Not only education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

The control, activation and arising of Kundalini power is increasingly difficult in that order. Not only does one have to imbibe control of senses, mind, thoughts, wealth, time, etc. but one has to become steadfast in it like the reins of horses, chains of a wild elephant and noose of a camel. All this is done to stop it acting according to its own whims and fancies and that forcefully it is made use of for achieving desired goals. If one desires to stop a waterfall flowing downwards and instead change its flow in the upward direction a powerful pump is needed. This task cannot be fulfilled with an ordinary capability. It needs extraordinary power.

The evolved soul force of a spiritual aspirant who activates his vital force fire with self control can manifest divine powers (Sidhis) and utilize the same for required tasks. With reference to this some examples are noteworthy. Mahatma Jadbharat was an incarnation of King Bharat. He gave divine wisdom to the Sindhu King Rahugan while plying Rahugan’s palanquin. Once, a Dasyu soldier caught him as a sacrificial offering. Jadbharat was made to stand in front of Mahakali’s image so as to get his head chopped off. The priest who was to chop the head approached Jadbharat. But Jadbharat stood calmly. Due to his soul radiance the image of Bhadrakali was activated. She snatched the knife from the priest’s hand and killed all the wicked men. One’s soul force has intense, unlimited power. When the bodily electricity is awakened it works like a fire weapon and has the capacity to overcome all obstacles.

When Shiva’s wife Sati was insulted in her father Daksha’s Yajna she activated her Yoga fire and burnt her own body to ashes. Even Sutikshnaji who was satiated by having Lord Ram’s vision gave up his body in the fire of Yoga. When Damayanti the wife of King Nala had to save her self respect she killed the lustful hunter with the fire of her eyes. All these are examples of activation of latent soul power.

Even ordinarily it is difficult to wake up those who are in deep sleep. When children, grownup adults etc. are forcefully woken up they get angry because they feel they are forced to give up the joy of sleeping. It is even more dangerous to wake up a sleeping snake. The nuclear power in an atom is latent. If it is attacked and broken such a terrible explosion takes place that one witnesses destruction miles around. Those who are unaware of atomic explosions are reminded of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bomb explosion wherein lakhs of people died and huge mountains had melted due to the intense heat. How terrible are volcanoes that erupt. Only a few years back was witnessed the explosion of Mexico and Columbia. The volcanic eruption of Helena converted day into night for more than a week. Its black dust had covered the skies for a long time. This is exactly the case with latent Kundalini awakening. Many elephants walked on the sleeping Kumbhakarna’s chest so as to wake him up. The same holds true for Kundalini awakening. When it is latent (sleeping) daily routine works on and moves like a cart with damaged wheels. But when an engine is placed in a railway train and one presses the accelerator it helps all other carriages joined to it to march ahead speedily. Thus an aspirant of Kundalini worship too has to face dire situations when commencing spiritual practices. But later very miraculously the movement is not like normal air but is like a cyclonic wind. Its speed is that of typhoons and cyclones.

The Rishis say in “Mahayoga Vijnana” that—-

“The soul force Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) like a female snake is sleeping on the Mooladhar Chakra (plexus) with twining of 3½ rounds. As long as Kundalini power is asleep a creature remains animalistic in nature. Even with a lot of endeavor a creature does not attain divine wisdom. If one’s substratum force is asleep then the external world too is asleep. But when it awakens its fate and the entire world open up.”

There is a lot of rise and fall when the vital force fire within us is lit up. When there are cyclonic winds operating they uproot, trees, homes etc. Dry leaves and mounds of dust rise miles up in the sky. Eddy currents in rivers capsize boats and such eddies in seas are known to overturn gigantic ships too. Special movements make the invisible visible. When a power generator bursts then the surrounding areas are shattered. When lighting touches any part of earth it burns that area to ashes.

While awakening the Kundalini one has to face such dire situations. Hence one not only needs daring but a lot of alertness. Lethargy has no place over here. Just as rope walkers in a circus maintain their balance, so too a person activating his Kundalini power has to be very cautious and should have high spiritual capability. If there is even an iota of indolence the dangers to be faced are dire and many. Flies and mosquitoes lay countless eggs all day long. Even fish lay eggs in large numbers at one single shot but all of them are not worried about looking after their eggs. But as far as human embryos are concerned the mother is very careful not only during pregnancy but at the time of the birth of the baby too. And later the mother makes arrangements for the baby’s food, cleanliness and protects it from weather changes. Worldly activities can be compared to eggs laid by mosquitoes, flies etc. but as far as Kundalini awakening is concerned it can only be compared to a human mother’s pregnancy, birth of her baby and later upbringing of her child. It is not easy at all since there are a lot of problems she faces and thus she has to become very responsible. All this requires a lot of mental alertness. When there is a mistake there is fear of a downfall.

The method of a female scorpion’s procreation is very strange. In her womb many eggs are nourished and raised at one and the same time. W hen the eggs grow up a bit they wish to come out of the womb. The opening of the genital organ is so tiny that it is virtually impossible for the tiny eggs to come out of it. The eggs in the womb while growing up are full of hunger. Thus they start eating the mother’s stomach itself and after consuming all her flesh the eggs come out. In the meantime the mother scorpio dies since her stomach has been ripped open by the eggs.

The procreation of Sidhis (divine powers) conjoined to Kundalini is exactly like this. Whenever Kundalini awakens scriptural scholars say that she drinks the blood of the spiritual aspirant and eats up his flesh. He becomes like a skeleton. This is one type of Kaya-Kalp (bodily transformation) in which the old dirt is thrown away and new seeds bloom forth. A shrewd gardener follows this technique. He trims the flower plant from all sides. Later new shoots sprout forth and flowers in large numbers grow on it. Thus the roundness and splendor of the plant augments. In Kundalini awakening a spiritual aspirant himself has to destroy all his vile psychic imprints, bad habits and other mental dirt. While trimming and cutting the plant it looks as though its size has diminished and that its body is depleted. But this state does not last for long because new shoots and flowers start sprouting on it. The gloom of autumn disappears and the beautiful flowers of spring are witnessed by one and all.

Awakening of the Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) is like a fiery test. When gold is heated all the dross gets burnt to ashes. Nothing happens to the pure gold and in fact the more it is heated the more it shines brilliantly. The doubt of lack of ethics vanishes and every customer makes proper valuation of pure gold. A spiritual aspirant who has himself awakened his Kundalini power becomes very powerful. No doubt the external shape of his body remains the same but within him such electricity is awakened that it achieves mental awakening and changes the external environment.

Many tasks can be executed when fire is lit. With it muck, dirt and rotten stuff can be dried up. Food can be cooked. Pyres can be lit. Mud vessels can be heated by a potter while making mud vessels. Ores can be smelted. Thus fire can execute many chores. When within one’s body, the Kundalini is awakened the problem of feeling cold vanishes. With the help of fire, food is cooked which wards off our hunger. Wet and smelly clothes are dried up. These are individual benefits. In the external world too many benefits accrue. An ironsmith, potter, baker etc. light up their furnaces and make useful articles. With Kundalini awakening many worldly problems are solved and utility articles are made. Fire is used for worshipping God too. Fire is utilized in incense, lamps, Yajnas etc. By associating with divine powers one benefits a lot. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. Whenever welding is carried out there is no danger of vessels breaking apart even if it breaks elsewhere. In divine meditation there is an ebb and flow of emotional waves. Sometimes devotional sentiments lead to the manifestation of very intense heat in the psyche.

Sometimes in the form of foam of milk or bubbles of water it settles at the base. But if Kundalini power is conjoined to it then steadiness is maintained.

Stored bad psychic imprints too overflow. Green grass dries up in hot summer and turns green again in monsoons. In the same way bad psychic imprints of a person which seem to have dried up under certain circumstances, bloom forth later again. Vishwamitra was a Rishi of great penance, yet he was attracted to Menaka, the heavenly damsel. He married her and sired children. But if someone’s psychic imprints are burnt to ashes from the very roots itself there is no question of getting entangled in the material world. The state of Shukdev Paramhans was totally different from that of his father Vedavyas. Vedavyas agreed to the proposal of his elder brother’s wives to sire their children whereas Shukdevji ran away to the forest as soon as he was born so as to meditate on God. Everyone including his father was against his going away thus and everyone tried to dissuade him from going to the forest. But Shukdevji was firm and refused to listen to anyone. To test him Indra sent the heavenly dancer Rambha but in a few words he sent her back. This is the true meaning of burning up of bad psychic imprints. If you cut the branches of a tree a new tree can emerge from it but if you remove the roots totally or burn them up a new tree can never emerge from it. Kundalini power burns up Sanchit (stored), Kriyamaan (future), Prarabhdha (present) actions to ashes. Here a ripe aspirant who is thoroughly heated up by the furnace of penance becomes firm as a brick.

Ayurved doctors make Rasa (juice) or Bhasma (ashes). They are made from sacrificial fires like Shataputi, Sahasraputi, Gajaputi. It is compared to Sanjeevani (medicine that brings dead souls back to life). This is a fire ritual. Kundalini is called Yoga of fire. This is like lighting up the fire of vital force Yajna. Here a “baked” aspirant is akin to the properties of juice, ashes and Sanjeevani. Thus an aspirant heated in the fire of Kundalini becomes extraordinary and his powers are rare and limitless.

If steam gets scattered everywhere it is of no use but if it is concentrated in a limited area then with its energy the train can run speedily for miles together. In a few minutes you can pressure cook your food. In the same way when the latent, scattered energy of your body is concentrated via Kundalini awakening we obtain material Sidhis and soul Ridhis and these many useful tasks even at the world level can be executed.

There is a mighty storehouse of electricity in the human body but it lies scattered. Hence one cannot see its might. But via Kundalini awakening when all this energy is gathered and focused at the Mooladhar Chakra (base of the spine) it is like concentrating material energy in a limited area. Thus the use of this energy is such that it can only amaze one and all.

An old female full of austerities lived in the forest. A mendicant came there. The old lady built a hut nearby and took the responsibility of feeding him. One night a female woodcutter having lost her way reached the hut of the mendicant and she begged for grace.

The mendicant thought she was begging for sexual intercourse and hence sent her away without food or shelter. The old lady seated under a tree was watching intently. She heard voices. She took the lady woodcutter with her and gave her food and shelter. At dawn the old woman showed the right path to the woodcutter. The old lady had heard the harsh words of the mendicant. She hence broke the hut that she had built for him. She refused to give him food and said: Here you lived for 24 years and only gained victory over your desires. Since you have not sown the seeds of compassion in your heart it’s a shame that you call yourself a mendicant.