Insomnia – a Drugfree Solution

Insomnia and related sleep problems affect some 35 million people in varying degrees. It was recently estimated that about one-third of all students do not get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can cause many problems, physical and mental.

Doctors and the public don’t regard insomnia and sleep problems in the same way that they look at other “brain problems” of ADD-Autistic continuum, or depression. All too many of us simply dismiss this problem, but it is serious to many persons.

Some such people already use some form of “noise generator” to help them solve such sleep problems, with varying success. Audio sounds such as rain on the roof, a babbling brook, surf or sailboat sounds, and even “white noise” (sounds like continuous TV static) have been used to mask outside noises. Any such noise generator may help solve insomnia and other sleep problems.

There are several drugs on the market, heavily advertised on TV, that are also used by many people. However as has been reported in the news lately, such drugs cause many other problems, including sleepwalking, confusion, and even physical deterioration!

Listen carefully to such ads on TV, and, in particular, listen to the careful phrasing of the “warnings” required by the Food and Drug Administration. Notice the “weasel wording” that attempts to pass over these serious side effects as not so serious! They make such serious health problems seem “not so bad”, but that’s advertising and “spin”. Such drugs can be (and often are) very dangerous, no matter how they try to gloss over these facts.

If you really listen (or read) these disclaimers, think about them. Those words “a few”, or “some users” that cause most persons to think “that’s not me” actually mean that it might be you. Do you really want to take a chance on the problems so lightly dismissed in these ads? Take a good look at such advertising and spins.

EEG Biofeedback (neurofeedback) “training” has been used by psychologists for many years now. It is very effective, and successful in over 85% of all insomnia cases. However, the cost of such training at $3000-$10,000 means that only the rich can afford such treatment. (Doctor “time” is always expensive.) In 2000 I started a company that leased EEG BF equipment, cutting the overall cost to about 1/5th of the average. But, even that left mid and low income families with drugs as their only available option!

In 2004, I suddenly realized that this “brain training” done by EEG BF could also be done by the use of subliminal messaging. I devised an audio recording to do this, and got over 20 volunteers that trusted me enough to pay a fee to enter this test.

The results were mixed. Although depression and insomnia problems were solved, some failures were found in the ADD/ADHD test population. In the original audio, I only tried to raise one brain wave by repetition. EEG BF, in the usual format, raises this same one, and also lowers or controls another.

Another theory I had advanced in 2000 was that raising this particular brain wave (SMR 12-14Hz) somehow changed the brain’s allergy/sensitivity response. Several persons in the test reported that symptoms other than the mental problems diagnosed also cleared up. This shows that my theory was along the correct lines. As an Orthomolecular Psychologist, I was well aware that all such “brain problems” can be (and usually are) caused by allergy/sensitivity reactions.

In 2005, I devised a new test that did both – raised the SMR brain wave, and lowered the Theta brain wave. My partner and I got over a medium number of volunteers (charging up to $100 each for this privilege to ensure that they sent reports weekly for 8 weeks). This test was a tremendous success. Of every person who completed a minimum of 4 weeks successfully, all experienced dramatic improvement. Most of these volunteers were ADHD kids, with 2 Autistic kids, and few depressives. (The depressives and insomniacs all solved their problems within 4 weeks).

This test ended in March 2006. An interesting note here – not one of the volunteers in this test asked for their money back! Our stipulation was “money back” if they completed the 8 weeks testing. That fact speaks very loud of success.

This Auditory Training system is an even more effective solution! It combines the “noise generator” as an audio overlay, combined with a subliminal message underneath which is heard by the unconscious mind. The soothing noise generator overlay masks outside noises, while the subliminal training actually does “brain training” in much the same way as EEG biofeedback. This combination has already solved every insomnia and other sleep problem out of dozens of users.

Results speak louder than advertising. In dozens of persons with insomnia and other sleep problems of all kinds, all volunteers who used Auditory Training more than a week or so, solved their sleep problem(s).

Of course, Insomnia is also one of the symptoms of depression. This new Auditory Training system has also solved, or at least partially solved every one of such cases as well. One woman lost both her insomnia and her depression, and was able to stay mentally stable when later diagnosed with cancer.

The advantages of this system over EEG BF are multiple:

1. It doesn’t require expensive equipment – a simple CD player is all that is required.

2. It costs a small fraction of the cost of EEG BF, and much less than the expensive drugs.

3. No negative side effects whatsoever. Positive side effects are that it solves some allergy problems

4. You simply turn on the CD player, and go to sleep.

Let’s replace the dangerous drugs with a simpler, cost effective method of solving these problems!

Phil Bate PhD – Retired Orthomolecular Psychologist
Inventor and Patent Pending Holder for
Brain Wave Amplitude Changing via Auditory Training