How To Take One Small Step Onto A New Revolution And Turn Your Website Into A Money Maker

For a while now, maybe you’ve been watching the digital revolution pass you by. You hear stories about regular people stumbling upon some idea, putting up a website, and making a mint. Then maybe you think, “I wish that was me!” Or maybe you already have a great website, but it doesn’t have an angle into making real money.


Here’s a little story. Three guys put together a small web site in early 2005 to upload, share, and stream all kinds of video. It caught on like wildfire. Less than two years later, it had become one of the Web’s #1 sites. In late 2006, Google bought it for $1.65 billion! Yes, that’s with a capital ‘B.’ Perhaps you’ve heard of YouTube?

We’re not saying your website will the be next YouTube, but we are saying that planet Earth is in the midst of a digital revolution, a revolution that will alter the course of human history as completely as the Industrial Age, Gutenberg’s printing press, and the Renaissance, all rolled into one.


MP3 players, Blackberry, Bluetooth, mobile phones, iPods, iTunes, digital music, digital everything, digital everywhere. Everything is becoming downloadable. Media companies across the globe are struggling to keep pace with a lightning-fast changes taking place in all of our media. Those who find their niche, take that opportunity – and seize it first – they make the money, because they’re the pioneers. Everyone after them is doomed to being an ‘also-ran,’ struggling to catch up, and never quite making it. Which would you rather be?

What would you give to be a pioneer in a brand new niche? What if you could be among the first to launch a new trend in Internet marketing? What if your website could be a part of this revolution, and earn real money?

What would you say if we told you that you could do this at NO COST TO YOU?


We’re a society that’s always waiting for something. Waiting for the train, waiting in traffic, waiting in line. As much as one-third of every person’s life is spent waiting. People don’t want to think about how, when they reach retirement age, they might have spent 20-25 years of their lives just … waiting. And people, on some level, realize this, and wish it was different.

How many books could you have read in 25 years? Classics of literature that you always wanted to read but never found the time, the latest in current affairs or business strategies, or popular novels to enjoy in your leisure time.

What if you could download any book you wanted, any time, load it into your iPod or other MP3 player, or just play it on your computer at home? Listen in the car, on the bus, in the coffee shop. Digital music is revolutionizing the music industry.

And DIGITAL AUDIO BOOKS stand ready to revolutionize the audio book industry as well.

All the hottest titles, fiction and non-fiction, all the classics, all the finest authors – can be at your fingertips, with one easy download that you can carry anywhere!

Sound good? We think so. And, with the internet finding its way into the most remote corners of the world, so do billions of potential listeners, across the globe. That’s with a ‘b.’

Here’s a future scenario.

A small but significant percentage of those billions of internet consumers, with a ‘b,’ browse your website, enjoy your content, then notice that you have AUDIO BOOKS for sale in EASILY DOWNLOADABLE form. Then they might, “Wow, I’ve been wanting to read that one, but I just haven’t had time.” They click, they download, and YOU get a commission!


You can be a part of the DIGITAL AUDIO BOOK revolution, and it won’t cost you a dime. All you have to do is join our Affiliate Marketing Program!

How does this help you?

• It’s a guaranteed way to make your website earn you money!

• Products that are 100% relevant to your customers.

• Simon & Shuster, BBC, Time-Warner, Harper-Collins. World-class names, high-quality brands that will lend their prestige to YOUR website!

• A 10% commission on every single sale!

• Higher volumes of relevant, quality traffic going to and from your web site. Search engines love this!

Sound good so far? We think so. But we can offer an even sweeter deal!

Here’s how:

• Groundbreaking, leading edge service available to quality website owners like you.

• Hassle-free setup and maintenance. You don’t need to be a web programmer or HTML guru to set this up. We do that for you!

• All payment processing is handled at download time. You don’t need to set anything up; just take home the cash!

• Truly hands-free operation. You don’t have to worry about handling any Technical Support for your audio book buyers. We take of that for you!

• A Self-Service Affiliate Administration Page, where you can access links and sales reports, any time you want!


This is so good, we’ll say it again. For every audio book that is sold through your website, you will earn a 10% commission! This beats Amazon affiliate program and most other niche marketers by 5%. How many audio books do you have to sell to get a spectacular return on your investment? Just ONE! Because joining our program costs you nothing!

So there you have it. The days of your web site earning money for you, with no extra cost or effort from you, are just a mouse-click away.

All you have to do to sign up is click the link and follow the instructions. What do you have to lose? Except a perfect opportunity.