How To Find The Perfect Jewelry For The Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and as the days get shorter we are quickly being presented with the thought that the season for giving will soon be upon us. But what to get the special people in our lives? Jewelry is always in fashion. The size is always right and every woman will tell you you can never have too much jewelry or too many pairs of shoes! There are so many choices that it can be hard to know what’s right for the person we’re shopping for. With that in mind, here is some advice on what to shop for this holiday season, starting at the top and working our way down.


No matter the taste in earrings of the person you’re buying for, you can find them a nice pair by spending a little time doing some digging. The choices in earrings range from hoops to studs with a short stop in the dangle range. With earrings being made in every metal imaginable, you can find them in white gold, yellow gold, silver and palladium. You can add gemstones or diamonds to really make an impression, but whatever the case, there is something out there for absolutely every taste.

Keep in mind your recipients’ taste when purchasing as well as their lifestyle. If buying for somebody with small children, avoid hoop or dangle earrings in favor of studs. Good advice is to look for studs with a security clasp as this will give the wearer peace of mind that the earrings will not easily fall off and be lost. Many jewelers can swap out current clasps for the security type. It may cost a little more, but it’s definitely worth it. Every woman will tell you that earrings can easily get lost! If all of their jewelry is either silver or white gold, keep it along those lines, or buy some palladium jewelry. Also keep in mind that some people do have allergies to certain metals, and buying them a pair of earrings that they’ll be allergic to will certainly take some of the specialness out of the moment.


A lot of the rules that applied to earrings also apply to necklaces. Avoid necklaces that hang too low for those with small children or who work in the nursing field. Small children and patients may try and grab for the necklace chain, resulting in a broken necklace . You can choose a variety of chain lengths and most jewelers can easily shorten the chain length on a necklace. Don’t be afraid to ask for this. Most women love wearing a necklace and finding one that can be worn everyday is a true treasure! A simple charm hanging on a chain is beautiful and timeless. Choosing a necklace with a yellow gold chain and a white gold charm or diamond is especially versatile because it can always be worn with white or yellow toned jewelry.

The Journey Diamond Necklace has grown in popularity, with companies like Danforth Diamond and Kay Jewelers promoting this necklace with its string of diamonds that can be set in both white gold and yellow gold. This necklace is perfect for couples that are just dating, have just married, or have been married for years.

If the Journey Diamond Necklace isn’t quite to the recipient’s taste, there are always a host of necklaces with both pendants and jewels that can fit with any person’s style, be it high fashion or jeans and a t-shirt, in a variety of metals and with numerous precious stones.


White gold, yellow gold, diamonds – it can be tricky to decide on which bracelet to give as a holiday gift. While the decision between white gold and yellow gold is more of a personal taste issue, the styles in each range from simple bangles to charm bracelets that can be personalized both by the gift giver and the person receiving the gift. If the person you’re giving the gift to doesn’t want too many things dangling from a bracelet, keeping it to something simpler like a gold bangle bracelet is probably the better way to go.

Of course, diamonds never go out of fashion, and when most people think of bracelets around the holidays they think of the Diamond Tennis Bracelet. Available in just about any metal, the diamond tennis bracelet, and really any diamond bracelet, is a great compliment to any style and is always a sure hit at the holiday season.


Of course, no discussion about jewelry shopping would be complete without mentioning rings. Of course “rings” doesn’t have to mean diamond engagement rings, though there is certainly much to be said about a holiday proposal. Diamond rings that don’t have a commitment attached to them come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and fashions, from the simple to the gaudy. Picking the right one as a holiday gift is simply a matter of knowing what best fits the style, taste, and lifestyle of the person you giving it to. Having a budget limit doesn’t hurt either.

Rings at the holidays aren’t limited to those with diamonds attached to them. There are plenty of rings with colored gemstones that make excellent presents. Also, with colored gems you can pick a ring that matches the recipient’s favorite color or signifies their birthdate, making the present even more personal.

Plan Ahead

In the end, shopping for jewelry at the holidays involves patience, so plan ahead. Whether you’re shopping online or going to an actual store, the holiday shopping experience can be a stressful one, so give yourself plenty of time to do all of your shopping and you’ll not only avoid raising your blood pressure, but you’ll find a better selection of jewelry to give this holiday season.