How To Choose A Good PLR Website

How to choose a good PLR website is always a difficult question for a web publisher as they have started to increasingly depend on Private Label Rights sites or PLR websites for their website content.

If you are a web publisher and if you are serious about the success of your web publishing business, then you need to necessarily rely on populating your website with quality content. One way of doing it is creating the content yourself. It is, indeed, a very time consuming exercise.

Having your website content written by high quality writers is another option. Even though, this option will yield unique articles and content for your website, unless you have a very deep pocket, it will work out to be a highly costly affair.

The third alternative that many of the web publishers are opting for is becoming a member of a few good PLR websites. These sites create PLR content and distributes them among its members who are allowed to use these content as their own. In other words, the members are allowed to publish these contents and claim author credit for these contents. Normally, a monthly membership fee is charged by these PLR websites from their members.

Now, the question is that what are the criteria by which you would judge the quality of these sites. You, as a member, are not getting your money’s worth unless you are getting the expected quality of content and service from these sites.

1. Subscribe to their mailing list:

When you opt-in to subscribe to the mailing list of the PLR website, they normally offer a few PLR articles or a PLR product as a goodwill gesture. This will give you a chance to look at their product quality and judge them. There is every possibility that they may offer their best of bests just to impress you. But, all the same, this will give you a fair idea about their capabilities and quality of content. So, you know what to expect from them.

2. Read the Sales Copy carefully:

Before you subscribe to the PLR website, you need to read the sales copy very carefully. Be clear on the following:

a) Is the sales copy professionally created or is it a shoddy job?
b) What is the content that is being offered on a monthly basis?
c) Would you have regular use for these contents?
d) How long has the PLR website been in existence?
e) Do they offer a 100% money back guarantee within a certain time period, say, if refund requested within 30 days?
f) After the initial guarantee period, what are the conditions under which they allow cancellation of memberships?

Let me give an example of a PLR membership site whose conditions of cancellation are extremely strict. If you wanted to cancel your membership, then you would be required to pay two extra months membership fees as penalty if you want to legally use the previously downloaded content. If you do not pay the two months extra fees, then you are not legally allowed to hold on to the previously downloaded content. And, the monthly fees that they were charging was also comparatively much higher than the other good quality PLR websites.

3. Check Prices:

In case they are offering PLR articles, for the purpose of comparison, you need to have a benchmark pricing.

If you engage an article writer to create a good quality article exclusively for you, then it would cost around $10 – $15 per article of 400 – 500 words length.

Since, the PLR website offers every article to around 350 – 500 members, so the per article cost should not be more than 20 – 25c per article.

Of course, the price would go up if the PLR website is also offering add-ons like sales letter, graphics for header, footer, background, etc, alongwith the main product. Or, they may also offer a package deal per month like, a full adsense website or a ebook with audio, etc. Then, the pricing would vary accordingly.

4. Tryout The PLR website:

During the 100% Money Back Guarantee period, try out all the features of the site. Understand what is being offered. Sometimes, a few of the negative aspects of the site or even certain adverse conditions may be suppressed in the sales copy. So, go through each and every aspect of the site thoroughly including terms of use, privacy statement and other conditions of use.

If you find that certain aspects of the site or certain conditions may adversely affect your business interests either in the present or in the future, then communicate your apprehensions with the PLR website owner. If you are uncomfortable about the condition even after getting a response from the site owner, then it would be better to cancel the membership immediately.

5. Understand Future Plans

From the sales copy or from the membership site once you join, clearly understand what are the short term and long terms plans the site owner has for her/his PLR website. Communicate with the site owner, if need be, and understand their business plans pertaining to that site.

This should give you a fair idea about the intentions of the site owner with regard to his/her PLR website. Is (s)he planning to grow the PLR website business? What are the new features or functionalities that (s)he is planning to introduce and within what time frame?

In fact, I know a few very good PLR websites that have stood the test of time and quality parameters. The above analysis will help you to choose and stay with the best of the PLR websites in existence today and also get the best benefits out of it for your content creation needs.