How to Answer Dumb Dating Questions

Anyone currently dating will know first-hand the many pitfalls of urban dating. No matter where you are in your dating journey; and whether you’re online dating, using mobile apps, speed dating or getting set up on blind dates, you’ll get asked your fair share of dating questions.

Men’s questions range from the all too familiar “why are you still single?” to “what are you looking for in a relationship?”

How you choose to answer these questions is what gives you the dating edge. This book will help you seamlessly and effortlessly navigate the dating jungle. And, will also keep him coming back for more.

This book explains exactly how to answer all those difficult dating questions. If you’ve ever wondered “how do I respond when a man asks…?” This book is for you.

The answers are practical, tried, tested and work. And, you’re guaranteed to learn heaps along the way too.