German House Bunnies – I Love House Music

German House Bunnies – I Love House Music
Feel Love ( Female Vocal Mix )
In my Dreams ( Female Vocal Mix )
Lovin You ( Female Vocal Mix )
Move with You ( Female Vocal Mix )
Time ( Female Vocal Mix )
Floating Away ( House Mix )
I Love You ( Female Vocal Mix )
Jazz House ( House Mix )
Mellows ( House Mix )
Passing Time ( House Mix )

Artist Name
German House Bunnies
Record Label
Hasenchat Music Germany
Release Date
Primary Genre
Secondary Genre
Primary Subgenre
Secondary Subgenre
Electro House
Mood: Party Music
Album Language
Artist Sounds Like
Calvin Harris
David Guetta
Artist Location

German House Bunnies is a musical group that specializes in house music, a genre of electronic dance music. They are known for their energetic performances, catchy beats and humorous lyrics. The group was formed in 2014, when the four friends decided to combine their passion for house music and their love for rabbits. They adopted the stage names of German House Bunnies, inspired by the popular breed of domestic rabbits that originated in Germany. Their songs include “I Love House Music”, “Carrot Cake”, “Bunny Hop” and “Floppy Ears”. The group has gained a loyal fan base, especially among house music enthusiasts and rabbit lovers.