Free Crochet Patterns

Crocheting is more than just a mechanical activity. Crochet is a craft that involves a great deal of talent. It allows a person to create a handmade item that will give provide a great deal of pride and a sense of accomplishment. To be able to crochet, one needs to have time, patience and the ability to perform delicate, controlled movements.

Technically, crocheting involves a few tools, inexpensive materials and a pattern. Crochet patterns can range from the simple and traditional, to the intricate and detailed. There are many crochet patterns available on the market, and many free crochet patterns to be found on the Internet.

History of Crochet
The word crochet is adapted from the French word ‘croche’ which means ‘to hook.’ In the early 16th century, an individual who was talented in the art of crochet was considered to be a well-bred person of high society. Crocheting was very limited to wealthy women, while those with limited financial capabilities had to be content with knitting. In the 1840s, crochet enjoyed a popularity explosion. Since then, the skill has been passed within families from generation to generation. Traditionally, patterns were merely sketched as a picture, and the crafter was left to work out the details. In some cases, a brief explanation would be provided to help the artist work through the complicated sections of the piece.

Getting Started
The basic materials of crochet include a crochet hook, some yarn and a pattern. Beginners should try to find instructions on how to create basic stitches. It is also helpful to get familiar with pattern legends. These legends and symbols tend to be universal for all crochet patterns. Once you’ve learned the basic stitches and understand the patterns, you will be ready to attempt to crochet using a pattern. If you are able to learn through visuals, you may be able to teach yourself to crochet by following the explanations and diagrams in an instructional guide.

Creating a Masterpiece
After you’ve learned the basics of crochet, you will be ready to get started on your masterpiece. It’s important to remember that crochet is more than just twisting of yarn and manipulation with a hook. Crocheting is an art that must be taken seriously. Put thoughts and feelings into your work, even if it is your first piece. Aim to do the best job you can, and you will have a finished piece that you’ll be proud to show off to your friends and family.

Think about what you’d like your masterpiece to be. It can be something you wear, like a hat or slippers, or it can be a display piece like a table runner or doily. The piece that you choose will determine the supplies you’ll need to buy. Check your pattern to know the size of hook, and the weight and type of yarn that’s best suited to your project. For example, Irish crochet is known for intricate patterns and fine details. The distinguished patterns of Irish crochet can only be created using the finest threads and smallest hooks. Irish crochet patterns often feature motifs of flowers or leaves.

Most modern crafters find it more practical to use soft yarns for making display pieces, home furnishings and clothing. These patterns will often indicate the hook size and suggest yarns to work with. Simply follow the instructions for help in choosing your materials.

Choose Your Pattern
Once you’ve become comfortable with crocheting, you’ll quickly move from one project to the next. The pride and satisfaction you’ll get from finishing a piece will make you want to quickly begin another. Your project options are limitless, and soon you’ll be crafting items for yourself and as gifts for your friends. Baby bibs and booties, sweaters, socks, shawls and ponchos, hats and cozy blankets are all popular project choices. All you need to create a wonderful crocheted item is the right pattern.

Without question, the pattern is very important in crocheting. As your crochet skills progress, you’ll find it easy to create your own patterns for simple projects like doilies or tablecloths. Other designs, however, require specific stitches, calculated counts and certain hooks and yarns. Again, a good pattern will provide instructions, clear legends and material suggestions.

Crochet Patterns Online

Patterns for virtually every type of crochet project can be easily found on the Internet. You no longer need to travel from craft store to craft store, our scour books and magazines. A simple online search will help you find the perfect crochet pattern. There are websites available that showcase all sorts of patterns. Many retailers offer patterns available for sale, along with yarn, hooks and needles.

But, why pay for the patterns when you can get free crochet patterns on the Internet? Many websites free online patterns. Simply type ‘free crochet patterns’ into your search engine and you can easily find your way to a site that has just what you’re looking for. Crafters who simply love to share their own unique patterns host most of these websites. The website hosts are usually happy to allow people to download the patterns for their personal use.

While online, search for a crochet discussion forum. This is a great way for crafters of all skill levels to learn new tips, and it can also be a valuable source of free crochet patterns. Forums involve crafters from all over the world, making them excellent resources for truly unique designs.

Crochet just might be the perfect craft. It is fun, rewarding and inexpensive–especially if you take advantage of the supply of free crochet patterns that is available to you.