End the Dating Search

The Final Swipe: Heal Your Heart, Find Your Person, and End the Dating Search for Good
by Nikki Novo

Have you started to think, perhaps you’ll be alone forever? After all, you’ve tried everything when it comes to dating, and still you’ve yet to find your person. Maybe it’s just not meant to be, you think.

It’s time to turn your fate around. In The Final Swipe, the internet’s favorite intuitive dating coach, Nikki Novo, shares the universe’s dating secrets to finding real, lasting love—even in today’s swiping culture. Learn how to:

Stop dating with anxiety and fear of the future and start actively creating your fate.

Feel at peace when dating, texting, and swiping.

Heighten your intuition to learn who is wasting your time, how to spot red flags, and who is really the one.