employee lockers

Though not everyone has employee lockers for those who work for them, they are actually a very nice idea. Some might see them as something that is expected, but other seem the as a perk. I know that I wish more places had these for their employees. Years ago I spent a lot of money on a leather jacket for my husband, who was then my boyfriend, and it was stolen while he was working because his company did not have lockable personal storage areas for each person to hang and keep their stuff.

Employee lockers, in my opinion, should be a must. We all like to think that everyone we work with is honest, especially in a small store or establishment, but that is usually not the case. It would have been smart of my husband to leave the leather jacket at home because they had no employee lockers, but he had every right to wear what he wanted, and he was wearing it because it was warm. He should not have had to worry about it being stolen, but it was. Even worse, he was pretty sure he knew who had taken it, but there was really nothing he could do about it.

Most of the places I have worked in have had employee lockers, and I was always grateful. You really don’t realize how wonderful they are until you no longer have something like that. If you are a woman, this means you no longer have a place to put your purse. You may have to leave it in the car, and that is not always a convenient solution. Some can have their purse with them when they work, that that is a rare circumstance. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why employee lockers are so important.

Just as important has having employee lockers is to have ones that really lock. Some are there, but there is no way to lock them. Though most are more hesitant to go through lockers because it is obvious what they are doing, there are some that don’t care. Working locks are essential. While some employees may have no need for something like this, there are always going to be some who really need them. It’s a smart move for any employer to provide this type of protection to help eliminate employee on employee theft. Managers and owners have enough to worry about, including in-store theft, without having to worry about employees ripping each other off.