Emotional Disturbance And The Happy Tappers

Nearly everybody has some sort of phobia or skeleton in their closet that could do with being dealt with. Whether it is something that happened in your teens or adulthood, a phobia of flying or maybe of public speaking, then a reasonably new procedure called Emotional Freedom Technique could be for you!

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a therapy that is rapidly gaining favour amongst many people from many walks of life – including Hollywood superstars. Many therapists such as Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists, Councillors and even medical staff are learning the benefits for their clients.

Whilst EFT looks like quite a strange technique at first and seems not too dissimilar to the realms of tree hugging and other new age techniques it seems to work and for most people that’s all that counts. I myself have used EFT in therapy with my clients and have achieved some amazing results, sometimes where nothing else has worked.

So what is EFT and what will it do for you?

Well… this is a massive question; however I will have a go at giving you the best answer that I can.

EFT is a process of tapping on certain parts of your body whilst occasionally humming and moving your eyes in certain directions all at the same time as thinking about the issue that is making you feel bad.

There… I did say it would seem a bit strange; however don’t let this put you off. The creators of EFT say that it works by clearing emotional blockages in our energy system. This is unlikely as the energy system or Meridians have never been proven to exist so this theory is just that – a theory.

The much more logical explanation is that it desensitises and alters the image that you run through your mind when you think about your phobia or an issue that is upsetting you.

You see, each time we experience something like a phobia we run a picture trough our minds of what ‘might happen’. It is this that makes us feel bad and not actually being in the situation as this is just a trigger for the phobic response.

By running through this picture in your head, whilst doing things like humming, tapping and moving your eyes, this allows your mind to experience the image differently. It allows the image to morph, thus allowing you to feel differently about it.

So there you have it… Emotional Freedom Technique may seem a bit quirky, but it might just be the thing for you!