Email Marketing Newsletter

Brand Yourself To Make Money

In order to make money online one of the most important things you need to do is to “brand” yourself (or your website or blog). To brand yourself simply means that you gain recognition as being an expert in a certain field or niche. It’s actually not that hard to do and you don’t need to know “everything” about your niche market to be an expert, just more than most other people. One of the most effective, and easiest, ways to do this is to start an email marketing newsletter.

When you do an email marketing newsletter you don’t actually put out a physical newsletter, though you can. You send an email to the people on your list with some tips or tricks related to answering some common questions, issues or problems faced by people in your niche.

You can compile this newsletter and send it out automatically as often as you want (though, if you don’t want to make people mad I would recommend you don’t send it out more than once a week).

To automate the process all you have to do is sign up for an auto responder service. The cost of this can vary depending on all the features of the particular system you are looking at, but in general it is pretty inexpensive, around $20 or less.

When you sign up you can follow some easy step by step, point and click methods to create what is called a web form. This is simply an opt in form that you can easily add to your website or blog. This form is tied to your auto responder and will automatically add the people to your list when they sign up.

You simply upload your newsletter and it will be delivered automatically in the time frame you specify. In these newsletters you can make an occasional recommendation for a product or service. When they buy, you get paid. You provide them something of worth and you get paid.

Of course, even though they opted in to your newsletter, it is highly possible that they forgot so you need to make sure you grab their attention when you email your newsletter so they open it and read it. To do this, you should come up with an interesting subject line. Try to make it relevant but also pique their curiosity. Another good tactic for an interesting subject line is to use fear as a motivator.

For example, “if you don’t do this you will lose out big”, or something like that. No one wants to be left out so if you use this approach it’s much more likely that they will open and read your newsletter. After a while, if you have provided some great information, they will look forward to reading your emails.

Using an email marketing newsletter as a way to increase your visibility and to set yourself up as a trusted advisor in your niche, is a great way to make more money for your business. It’s all about giving to your readers before you expect to get anything from your readers.