Email Follow Up Hidden Benifits

You may have a full series of follow up emails fully loaded into your autoresponder. But have you fully allowed for follow up customer support?

Immediately, the expression conjures up visions of hordes of angry customers waving their fists before an auto parts counter, yelling at the sales staff: Which is one reason why some people “hope” nothing will go wrong… and leave customer support to chance.

Providing a “Support@” Email Address is Only the Beginning

“I’ll deal with it when it happens,” you say optimistically. Trouble is, when “it” does happen, you need to be prepared to deal with glitches like a pro.

If it’s really a problem for you to handle customer complaints, you do have other options. Use a “Help Desk” program, or hire a V.A to handle complaints, and have her set up the “support@” address in her email server.

But you still have to know what glitches are likely to occur… and what you are going to instruct your V.A. to do about them. Plus no one likes to be handed off to an assistant. “You’re not important”, that instantly tells them. (The common reaction is, “Well, neither are you!”

And that Help Desk service or program is still going to take time to learn and manage.

“Customer Support” is Not Necessarily Going to be Negative

Besides, your customer support experience may actually turn out to be an opportunity to impress and attach a customer for life – even if the call or email was initially negative. (Your personal attention will often go a long way to appeasing them – as will taking responsibility without excuses for glitches, and making sure the problem is followed through till it’s fixed.)

And it’s always nice to find out that “Support@” letter contains a testimonial!