Eliminate Your High Interest Debt

Monthly credit card payments have recently skyrocketed, which has resulted in millions of people looking for some type of debt relief.

While consumers struggle to make even their minimum monthly payments, issuers of credit cards are realizing all-time record profits. For instance, credit card companies earned a staggering $90.1 Billion in profits from interest charged to consumers during the year 2006. What’s worse is that these same companies earned $55.2 Billion in fees charged to their customers, such as over-limit fees and late fees.

If you’re a consumer contributing to these ridiculous profits through high interest credit card debt, and you’re struggling to meet your monthly financial obligations, it’s time to reassess your current situation. I recommend that you gather all of your credit card bills and carefully review each statement. You’ll want to determine exactly how much interest and/or fees are accruing on your accounts each month. After doing so, you should be able to have a clear understanding of whether or not you can realistically pay off these debts in a reasonable amount of time, and eliminate some of the interest you’re paying. For a free Credit Card Interest Rate Worksheet, visit the following link: www.donaldsonwilliams.com/Credit_Card_Interest_Rate_Worksheet.html.

This simple worksheet will help you clearly review your finances and determine if you’re being strangled by high interest.

If you find that your current credit card debt is nearly impossible to pay off through regular monthly payments to your creditors, it’s time to seek help. The following solutions have helped many people to eliminate their debt:

• Debt Consolidation Loan
• Consumer Credit Counseling
• Debt Settlement
• Bankruptcy (Most people resort to bankruptcy only as a last resort, but it is an option)

It’s time to take action now so that you can realize a debt-free lifestyle and eliminate your concern and anxiety due to money concerns. I wish you the very best in your endeavor to eliminate debt and concern.