Eliminate Debt Without Bankruptcy

Times are tough and people across the country are endlessly struggling to make ends meet. The Midwest has lost thousands of manufacturing jobs and can expect to lose thousands more. It’s no wonder that individuals are carrying more credit card debt than ever before; many are likely using credit cards to simply purchase the basic necessities.

Unfortunately, using credit cards comes with a hefty price – mounds of debt and high monthly bills. If you’ve recently discovered that your credit card bills are out of control, and you’re barely getting by each month, there are options available that can enable you to eliminate your credit card debt and avoid a bankruptcy filing.

You see, creditors would rather accept a portion of the amount you owe them, rather than nothing at all. Because of this, you can negotiate with your creditors through debt settlement.

Debt settlement (debt negotiation) is a process whereby you negotiate with your creditors so that they will agree to accept less than the full balance (normally 50% or less) of what is actually owed. Debt settlement is an excellent solution for individuals who can no longer afford their monthly bills, and simply want to put their debt behind them, with no further monthly payments.

Obviously, there are certain criteria that you must meet in order to qualify for a debt settlement program; and just like most things, the process of debt settlement can at times be frustrating. You can eliminate some of your concerns regarding debt settlement by educating yourself and learning all that you can prior to commencing a dialogue with your creditors in an effort to negotiate lower balances on your accounts. There are also many firms that can represent you during the process of debt settlement. If you should choose to hire a debt settlement company to negotiate with your creditors on your behalf, be certain that the firm you hire is one that you trust and with whom you feel comfortable. Unfortunately, there are some debt settlement companies who are more interested in taking your money than legitimately assisting you with your financial difficulties. On the other hand, there are also many firms who will do an excellent job negotiating with your creditors and successfully eliminating your debt. A great deal of these firms will work on a contingency basis, and not accept any fees until they produce satisfactory results.