Discount Roses by Next Day Air

Sending Roses and Saving Money with Overnight Flowers Shippers

Sending beautiful roses at a significant discount is easier than ever, thanks to a variety of direct-ship flowers sources on the Internet. These innovative flower companies import the best rose varieties and colors fresh from growers around the world. Then, they deliver them by overnight air direct to your special someone. The result is often fresher, longer lasting flowers, all at substantial savings. While overnight flowers arrive unarranged and don’t offer the finished touch of a local florist delivery, they’re fast becoming an extremely popular and reliable alternative for budget-conscious flower-lovers. We set out to test three of the better sources for flowers by overnight air, placing orders for one dozen red roses at,, and All three orders arrived as promised on the morning of the appropriate day. All three were well packaged with quality roses that opened nicely and lasted the better part of the week. Which one was the best? You decide. Here is what we found.

When the Hallmark flowers arrived some people thought they looked a little unimpressive due to a dark color and tight buds. They hadn’t opened much yet, but when they did two days later they had a pretty shape. The heads were firm, indicating healthy blooms and good hydration, and they lasted all week. Including a vase and shipping, our purchase came to $60.94. The vase was metal and didn’t appeal to everyone in our office but served surprisingly well for displaying the roses. The bouquet included a couple of sprigs of Babies’ Breath that didn’t add much. The purchase also credited us with 500 Gold Crown points that we’ll probably never use. Ordering was easy with a choice of available gift cards displayed online. The flowers arrived with a packet of flower food, and the whole box was decked out in an eye-catching purple color scheme. On the whole, this was a great product, even if it did come at a premium price.

Total Cost: $60.94 Delivered
Summary: The highest price, a stylish vase, the most attractive packaging, and roses that arrived a bit tight but lasted all week.

Flowers Delivery Florists
The roses from were quickly hailed as the office favorite due to their vibrant red color and large blossoms. At only $40.90 total, they were also the best bargain of the bunch. The stems were thick and sturdy, indicating healthy, well-developed flowers. After a few days the roses were still going strong, although one bloom may have been damaged in shipping as it was beginning to drop petals. Cliché Babies’ Breath was not included. Instead, there was some tasteful foliage to complement the flowers. While basic, the free glass vase made displaying the flowers quick and convenient. The packaging was nice, and the roses were the only ones to come with cold packs to help preserve them during shipping. This bouquet was an eye-catcher for five to six days. So, at 30% less than the first order, it was definitely our pick for the best overall value.

Total Cost: $40.90 Delivered
Summary: The lowest price, best blossom size, and most impressive flowers upon arrival, still lasting most of the week.

The roses from Proflowers arrived before noon, which made us glad we didn’t spend the extra money for “guaranteed morning delivery.” The flowers themselves were pretty, with ample fluffy white Babies’ Breath included. The price was reasonable at $44.97 delivered, but the roses arrived without any container, which made us wish we had spent the extra $9.99 for a vase. The flower heads seemed a little soft. After two days they looked fine, but by the end of the week they were in the poorest condition. Ordering was easy, although we didn’t like the fact that our total purchase amount was not clearly displayed until the end of the process. The light green packaging was compelling, and flower food was included. On the whole, the Proflowers roses were definitely good quality but just not quite as nice as the other two.

Total Cost: $44.97 Delivered (vase not included)
Summary: A quality product at a reasonable price that was very satisfactory but not the most economical or long lasting.

While our test is just a one-time sampling, it dramatizes how easy and inexpensive it is to send a message of love, congratulations, or thanks with roses. All three sources performed exceedingly well, delivering superior flowers on time and without a hitch. The stems had to be cut and dropped in water, but that was relatively easy, and all the bouquets were beautiful for at least five days. Hallmark’s flowers were particularly long lasting, as they arrived with tighter buds, but Flowers Delivery Florists was our favorite due to its strikingly vibrant flowers and particularly low price. All three online services offer a wide selection of bouquets, vases, and delivery options. So, check them out. Regardless of which you choose, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for someone you love.

This article was written by John E. Williams, a writer and flowers lover in Chicago, Illinois and may be republished in its entirety on the Internet as long as this credit and the link above are included.