Dating After 50

Getting Back In The Game: The Ultimate Guide To Online Dating After 50, 60 and Beyond
by Cheryl Martin

As a Baby Boomer, what do you do if you suddenly find yourself single again after years or decades of being in a marital or romantic relationship? Where do you go to meet other eligible singles? How do you find mature adults with similar interests? Dating at any age can be frightening and overwhelming. Now multiply that times 10 for us adults over the age of 50. Getting Back in the Game will guide you through the maze of online dating.
1. You’ll discover the answer to the question, ‘Is online dating for me?’
2. You will explore the good and not-so good elements of online dating.
3. Discover the importance of “The Profile” and tips on writing an effective one.
4. Examine some of the most popular dating sites for Boomers.
5. Receive advice on how to turn the first date into many more.