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Online Dating Sites’ Data Reveals How to Create a Dating Profile, Pictures & Messages That Will Stop You from Getting Passed Over … You Meet New People, Get Dates & Find Love
by A.K. Royce

Freakonomics reported that 56% of men & 21% of women who create an online dating profile do not even get one single message…and yet, more than one-third of all marriages between 2005 and 2012 started out online.

Clearly, some people are extremely successful at online dating, while many others fail miserably. This is not due to coincidence, fate or luck. When crafting their photographs, profile text and messages, most of the people who succeed at online dating practice several simple techniques in common, while the people who get ignored or rejected often make tiny but fatal mistakes that uniformly turn other people off.

How can you find out what the attributes of profiles & messages that get results are and join the ranks of the winners?
That’s where this book comes in. I’ve spent hundreds of hours collecting, studying and analyzing online dating and attraction-related data published by websites such as,,, and, as well as dozens of books and published university studies. Then I compiled and explained the information I found within these potentially life-changing pages. This information you’re about to learn shows you the attributes of profile photos, text & messages that people truly respond to (beware, a lot of what you’ll learn is not politically correct, but it’ll work) and also exactly what turns them off and leads them to skip over profiles without a second thought.

You’ll use this information to learn exactly what to do when crafting your profile photos, profile text and messages to turn on the attraction and interest response in others. You’ll also learn exactly what not to do so that you don’t get passed over. Our goal for you is to bring you wonderful new people into your life and get you exactly the type of relationship you want, whether it is a steady stream of dates, casual sex, a long term relationship, new friends or marriage. It’s all here.

Also included are red flags to look out for, instructions on how to test your profile to make sure it’s working for you, and a resource list of online dating and social websites so you can get yourself out there today and practice all you’ll learn in this book.

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the things you’ll learn:
*The color that turns everyone on
*How to pose in your photos
*Which way to look when you’re posing for photos
*Just how much of your body you should show in photos
*What you should absolutely not include in your photos
*Words to include, words to avoid in your profile text
*How to create a username that will draw people in
*How to create anticipation and intrigue
*How to stand out from hundreds of other profiles
*How to make it easy for other people to connect with you
*How to know who to pursue, and who to pass over
*How to know what kind of person and relationship you’re truly looking for
*What kinds of profiles attract one-night stands, and what kind of profiles attract more meaningful relationships
*How to write messages that will get responses
*What common words and poses you should never use, because they will cause most people to reject you
*How to build attraction and anticipation
*How to ask someone out on a date
*Online dating statistics
*Dating site resource list
*Lots, lots more

By reading this book, you can save yourself years of experimentation and do things right the first time so you can bring in incredibly rewarding experiences & new people in your life right now.

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