Choosing A Hat For Birdwatching

If you want your kids to be a part of the process it is very easy to make your birdhouse very simple. It is quite possible to use four or five pieces of wood and construct one with very little in the way of tools. Then there is the posture of a bird. Believe it or not, birds perch differently. For example, a Flycatcher perches vertically (straight up and down) when on a branch while a Vireo perches horizontally (almost lying down) when on the same branch.

Here’s one other practical feature that you will fall in love with; stainless steel bowls that are only accessible from outside the cage. This is a must have if your bird is a “biter”.

The #1 thing to watch for is a cage that is sturdy, but can be broken down in a matter of 2 minutes or less, without the need for any tools. All of the top brand name bird cages have this feature.

Get to Where the Birds Are! This sounds obvious, but many birders spend the majority of their bird watching time and energy on poor locations.

Choosing a Hat for Birdwatching

Sure, “any old hat” will do. After all, birdwatching is not a fashion event and no birdwatcher has ever won a ‘best in hat’ category, but birdwatching is an outdoor activity. One of your most important concerns other than the birds is protection. Exposing yourself to the elements and suffering afterwards will definitely make your birdwatching unforgettable, but in a bad way.

Here are some tips in choosing a good hat for birdwatching.

Consider the climate and the weather.

Think of the location where you will be going birdwatching. If it’s just in the vicinity of your neighborhood, then that “any old hat” of yours will do. But if you will be spending a lot of time outdoors under the rays of the sun, then get the appropriate hat.

A good birdwatching hat should be lightweight with a brim for sun protection. It should always be wider than your face. If you are going to a place where there is little covering and where you will be exposed to the sun for some time, consider protection for your ears and the sides of your face. A sunscreen also affords protection, but it cannot keep the feeling of heat off your skin.

For instance, image stabilization will keep your view from shaking-very important when watching from a long distance. Other cool features include anti-fogging, low-light viewing and wide-view characteristics.

If you are buying an actual antique, prepare to pay a hefty price. Be on the lookout, though, at garage sales and flea markets. Sometimes you can find an undiscovered treasure for mere pennies. Think about the ability of your family to care for a pet and then only choose a bird that you could really care for and enjoy.

Just where to hang the feeders? In general, it is good to hang these feeders in any part of the garden where there is no direct exposure to sunlight and where the wind will not be able to shake the feeder.

The top two ways to give your bird stimulation on a daily basis are: toy hooks & playtops. There’s no need to explain why toy hooks are stimulating, they just are!

On days when it’s really bright, you could have a problem with glare so you’ll want to protect your face. A higher crown is good for better ventilation. Waterproof nylons are ideal for tropical conditions.

Color me camouflage.

An outrageous, funny hat would be very tempting for an outdoor activity, but only for humans and not for birds. Birdwatching is strictly that – watching; and when you scare birds off, what else is there to do?

Remember that you will enter the birds’ territory, even if you watch them from afar. The best hat color would be the ones that resemble mulch or dried leaves or the ground. So go for the tan, beige and dark greens. Avoid hats that are pure white and those that come in bright colors. The best colors are earth tones. If you look like your surroundings, birds are less likely to be agitated at a sight that is familiar to them.

A hat should reflect your style and personality and birdwatching should not deter you from this goal. When you enter the territory of the birds, you are the guest and certain behavior is required so be sure to choose the appropriate hat that befits a guest in the wild.

How do bird watchers strive to entice birds to their yards? Find out at This is a tricky dilemma when shopping for a bird cage, but here is the general rule of thumb; the bigger the better, as long as the bar spacing isn’t too wide. So what is too wide of a bar spacing?

If you’re looking at a quality cage it will be constructed of steel (powder-coated ones should have steel underneath the powder-coat and stainless steel cages need to be 100% stainless steel, not plated or hollow) or iron. Buying a pet bird can be quite an investment. After spending money on your bird and its supplies, you might be looking to save a little on the cage. Luckily, discount bird cages are available.

If you are a new bird watcher, we urge you to joing a bird watching forum. We may have the best intentions to let our bird spend most of his time out of the cage. But there will still be times when he needs to be in his cage.

After you have brought your bird bath home, find a place to set up the bath well within sight of your outdoor and indoor spaces.