Century Of Harley Davidson Legacy

The beginning of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company in 1903 was very impressive. The founders, Bill Harley and Arthur Walter Davidson, began at a prototype with a small engine- so weak that it cannot conquer the Milwaukee hills. But, all things must have started from small beginnings. And that was exactly what happened to the Harley-Davidson Motor Company. Schoolboys, as they can be considered, Bill and Arthur may have been born to give contribution to the motor industry.

The concept of the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle was very advanced at that time considering that fact that these two individuals were living in the period where horses were still the main form of transportation and automobiles were still developing. Bill and Arthur lived in an era where motorcycles were still in infant stage. What was more surprising was that, Bill and Arthur were still too young to be founders of a company then.

The prototype may be considered a success but could not produce more power to be efficient in hills. As resourceful as they were, Bill and Arthur made stronger engines that produced more power and speed.

That very same year, Harley-Davidson made its very first sale. Two years later they had made 11 motorcycles. And in 1908, they had made 154.

As the years went by, the company had produced and sold more and more units. Harley-Davidson, which started at a small backyard of a modest home, grew to become a motorcycle empire in a very short span of time.

Innovations after innovations and awards after awards, Harley-Davidson Motors had increased its reputation as the leader in the motorcycle industry.

Harley-Davidson was one of the 2 motor companies that had been commissioned to mass-produce motorcycles for the government to be used for First World War and the Second World War as well.

Within the 100 years of the company’s existence, they had been challenged with so many trials.
The company’s sale went off in some periods but they regained on the next. The company’s quality had been compromised but they had regained it. And like the toughness of the motorcycles they built, the company had remained tough.

After more than a century of motorcycle manufacturing, Harley-Davidson is among the most sought after motorcycle brands around the world. They have created several models that are truly world-class. Harley-Davidson will continue to manufacture quality motorcycles that are indeed an exiting machine to ride.