Online Dating by Jeffrey Freeman

Online Dating and Dying in Pinnacle Point
by Jeffrey Freeman

Lieutenant Colonel Tom Harvey’s mundane world of shuffling papers in the Pentagon just turned upside down. One of his dates ends up dead and he the prime suspect. The NSA is using him as bait. The woman he falls for is married to a US congressman. So much for a quiet vacation in a quaint Florida village.

This is the sequel to “Mid-Life Friends & Illusions,” and the second in the Pinnacle Point series. Other novels by Jeff include: “Hannah’s Ghost and The Shed on The Mountain Road,” “Duty and Character,” “Wrong Enemy, Wrong War,” and “We Were Warriors Once.”

Love Online by Penelope Ward

From New York Times bestselling author Penelope Ward, comes a new, sexy standalone novel.

We met in the least likely of places. It started out innocently enough. I was “ScreenGod” and she was “Montana,” but of course, those weren’t our actual names, just the virtual cloaks we hid behind.

Logging in at night and talking to her was my escape—my sanctuary.

Her real name was Eden, I’d soon come to find out.

From the first time we connected online, I found myself transfixed.

She was an addiction.

At first, we knew nothing about each other’s real identities…and she was adamant that we keep things that way. Anonymity had no effect on our unstoppable chemistry, though. If anything, it allowed us to open up even more in ways we may not have otherwise.

Eden was funny, intelligent, gorgeous—everything I’d ever wanted in a woman.

But I couldn’t really have her.

I had accepted things would have to stay the way they were—until the day I found a clue that led me straight to her.

So I took a chance.

And that was when our love story really began.

Find Love Now

Online Dating: Get Confident, Overcome Your Fears, & Find Love Now!
by Ace McCloud, Joshua Mackey, et al.

The ultimate dating and confidence trilogy!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover about online dating:

The best online dating websites
How to create an awesome user name and headline
How to create an incredible profile that gets results
Great strategies for finding a good match
What to say in your first few messages
How to choose the best profile pictures and how many pictures to put up
Communication tips and strategies
How to handle the first three dates
Advice on finding your true love

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover about increasing your confidence:

The best habits that boost self-confidence
How to eliminate negativity and fears from your life
Mental strategies for increasing self-confidence
How to make and utilize a confidence journal
Confidence boosting exercises and goal setting
How to strengthen your relationships so that your confidence can flourish
The best confidence boosting foods and supplements

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover about overcoming fear:

Understanding fear and what causes it
Exercises that keep panic at bay
Mental techniques for conquering fear
Using hypnosis to defeat fear
Yoga and other physical exercises that help combat panic and fear
All natural foods and supplements that help with overcoming fear
Medical strategies and medicines that help with fear and anxiety
Creating an action plan to banish fear from your life

Getting the Love You Want

Workbook: The New Couples’ Study Guide
by Hendrix PhD, Harville and Ph.D. Hunt Helen

A companion workbook to the enormously successful New York Times bestselling relationship book, Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples.
In 1988, Harville Hendrix in partnership with his wife, Helen LaKelly Hunt, published a terrifically successful relationship guide, Getting the Love You Want. The book introduced thousands to their Imago Relationship Therapy, a unique healing process for couples, prospective couples, and parents, and developed into an overnight sensation. For their part, Doctors Hendrix and Hunt managed to aid scores of couples in their plight for more loving, supportive, and deeply satisfying relationships. Now, more than a decade later, this companion book picks up where its predecessor left off, delving further into relationship therapy once again, to help transform relationships into lasting sources of love and companionship.
The Getting the Love You Want Workbook is designed for the hundreds of thousands of couples who have attended Imago workshops since Getting the Love You Want hit bookstands, as well as new and curious ones seeking a practical route back to intimacy and passionate friendship. The workbook contains a unique twelve-week course (The New Couples’ Study Guide) designed to help work through the exercises published in Part III of Getting the Love You Want. Included are complete step-by-step instructions for transforming relationships into a lasting source of love and companionship.
For those of us struggling to maintain our most precious relationships, the Getting the Love You Want Workbook helps us grow aware of our individual, unconscious agenda while steering us towards a more harmonious link with our loved ones that will satisfy our deepest needs.

One Click For Love

Instant Chemistry Series
by Taylor Love

Sexy-Modern-Romance! *Completed Series*
Will a spur of the moment decision to update a dating profile, change her life forever?

Brihanna Lorde female relatives consider her “un-girly”. When the truth is she’s a modern young woman just trying to live her life. With her brother in newly wedded bless, her family ups the pressure for her to “catch a man.” Which is easier said than done for a semi-loner who so a videogame programmer. Her quirky and independent personality seems to rub men the wrong way. However, she can admit to wanting a real relationship of her own. Taking a chance on a new “match” online, might net her a guy that doesn’t scare easily. All the while exposing her to desires she didn’t even know she had!

Lawrence Townsend is a laid back unassuming guy, on the brink of turning thirty. While not looking for love exactly, he’s definitely ready for more than the “hit it and quit it” hook-ups that define the modern dating scene. As an IT Manager his job is constantly hectic and unpredictable. So it’s no wonder he likes to take control in the bedroom. The sexy profile of a woman with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes intrigue him. While her unique personality heats his passions as well. He’s up for the challenge of bending her to his will. But it’s a battle that may bruise both their hearts.

How to Date Men When You Hate Men

by Blythe Roberson

From New Yorker and Onion writer and comedian Blythe Roberson, How to Date Men When You Hate Men is a comedy philosophy book aimed at interrogating what it means to date men within the trappings of modern society. Blythe Roberson’s sharp observational humor is met by her open-hearted willingness to revel in the ugliest warts and shimmering highs of choosing to live our lives amongst other humans. She collects her crushes like ill cared-for pets, skewers her own suspect decisions, and assures readers that any date you can mess up, she can top tenfold. And really, was that date even a date in the first place?

With sections like Real Interviews With Men About Whether Or Not It Was A Date; Good Flirts That Work; Bad Flirts That Do Not Work; and Definitive Proof That Tom Hanks Is The Villain Of You’ve Got Mail, How to Date Men When You Hate Men is a one stop shop for dating advice when you love men but don’t like them.

“With biting wit, Roberson explores the dynamics of heterosexual dating in the age of #MeToo”
— The New York Times

Adorable Fat Girl goes Online Dating

“A gloriously funny romp through the world of internet dating.” BOOK 14
by Bernice Bloom

She’s big, beautiful and bonkers, and now she’s going online dating. It’s going to be fun… Buckle up and prepare for trouble, laughter and total chaos.

Mary Brown is the star of the Adorable Fat Girl series: she’s gorgeous, curvaceous and wants to find a boyfriend.

But where’s she going to meet someone new? She doesn’t want to hang around pubs all evening (actually that bit’s not true), and she doesn’t want to have to get out of her pyjamas unless really necessary (that bit’s true).

There’s only one thing for it – she will launch herself majestically onto the dating scene.

Aided and abetted by her friends, including Juan Pedro – the flamboyant Spaniard who she met when he was a dancer in sparkly trousers performing on the cruise ship when Mary was on holiday – and best friend Charlie, Mary heads out on NINE DATES IN NINE DAYS.

She meets an interesting collection of men, including those she nicknames: Usain Bolt, Harry the Hoarder, and Dead Wife Darren.

Then just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, Juan organises a huge, entirely inadvisable party at the end.

It’s internet dating like you’ve never known it before…

Some of the reviews

“It was hysterical, some bits made me laugh out loud and other parts made me blush with recognition. Lovely book. I really recommend it.”

“This is definitely one of my favourite of Mary’s adventures so far! I feel like they’re just getting better and better! Can’t wait for the next one!!”

“So incredibly funny. Read this book before you go on any internet dates.”

“I loved it. If you join an online dating site and go on dates, then make sure the guy doesn’t have a big bag with him, or a young kid. This really made me laugh.”

The online dates are hilarious.

Infinite Shades of Happiness

Love & Virtual Dating: Part 1: Millennial (Online Dating)
by Prince de Grâce, André

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s even possible to find love online, wonder no more—it is. But you’re never going to get lucky, so you better get smart. According to Infinite Shades of Happiness, it’s all about perspective—and never losing hope.

Written for women by a recklessly open-minded man, Infinite Shades of Happiness reveals the possibilities and pitfalls of seeking out a soul mate online. A postmodern primer on virtual dating from identifying promising first contacts to avoiding needless heartbreak, the book chronicles one man’s often comic but always heartfelt venture in the quest for true love.

In a refreshing departure from typical self-help norms, each chapter is capped by the real-world insights of women from around the globe. Like an international chorus of sharp-eyed spectators, they offer thumbs up, thumbs down, and witheringly honest observations on everything from our man’s social skills and dating IQ to the occasionally bizarre perspectives of the targets of his affection. By the time you finish this book you’ll have a smile on your face, a song in your heart, and a knack for singling out the right mate.

How to Date a Douchebag

The Lying Hours (How to Date a Douchebag Book 5)
by Sara Ney

ABRAHAM DAVIS—Honest Abe to his friends—IS IN OVER HIS HEAD…

He’s a fixer and a do good-er. The all-knowing, resident “grandfather” on the wrestling team who everyone relies on to fix their problems. His teammates go to him for everything; advice, homework, or when they need a sober driver at three in the morning–whether he likes it or not.

Abe’s current mission is easy: mend his roommates broken heart by helping him find a girlfriend on the LoveU app–without getting caught in the lie…


Over her bad grades. And over dating douchebags. What she wants to know is: where have all the nice guys gone?

She longs for a handsome, sweet, and honest guy who can make her laugh. In one last ditch effort to prove that he exists—Skylar turns to LoveU.

On her worst day, Skylar has no filter (it’s a miracle she hasn’t been ditched mid-date).
On her best, she’s as wholesome, and sweet, as pie.
On Thursday? She matches with Abraham Davis’s roommate.

Skylar Gabriel is falling for the wrong guy—she just doesn’t realize it yet.



Elite Online Dating

Read. Click. Bang. She’s Yours
by Nicholas Jack

Would you like to be able to get 3 dates a day for the rest of your life? It’s completely possible and it’s something that I have done many times. The crazy thing is you wouldn’t be getting dates with bad looking women or even average looking women, these 3 dates a day would be with the most attractive women on the internet.
This is something I have been able to do and in this book I will teach you, step by step, how you can do this too.
The world is entering the age of the internet and with it, the dating game has changed. Every girl with a smart phone is trying online dating, this means that the options are limitless. This book is for the people that want to take advantage of this change and achieve online dating success they never realized was even possible.

Love at First Date

Better Date than Never Series Book 1
by Susan Hatler

Ellen’s figured out that finding the right guy is all about compatibility. That’s why she signs up for Detailed Dating—the local online dating scene in Sacramento. They ask men the hard questions, compare their answers with hers, then she filters through the profiles of each provided “match.” After numerous email exchanges, she narrows it down to two promising candidates she’s excited to meet in person.

When Ellen’s best friend asks her for a favor, dog-sitting leads to disaster and Ellen ends up at the local vet where she meets a man she can’t get out of her mind. Henry isn’t a logical choice, but she finds herself paying for dog obedience class to spend more time with him.

Ellen knows that in order to have a lasting relationship, she should take the safe route and go for one of the pre-screened guys. But, how can she think with her head when her heart keeps begging her to give Henry a chance?

How to Avoid Scam in the Relationship

Online Dating: Rules of Communications in the Network and How to Avoid Scam in the Relationship? (Dating, Free Online Dating, Dating Guide, Scam, Dating Advice)
by Mila Lewis

Dear reader!
Online dating is communication, which not only promises positive emotions but also conceals really dangerous threats. Online-scammers turned romantic acquaintances into some form of “art,” whose goal is to profit from one of the most vulnerable needs of people – to be loved and to love.
Professional scammers successfully earn hundreds of millions of different monetary units per year on their victims. They so polished their skills that even those who are usually not susceptible to deception become victims under the onslaught of professional tricks.
But people’s broken dreams are not the worst. Virtual acquaintances can endanger your physical, emotional and spiritual health. On the Internet, scammers find it easier to hide their evil intentions. And in matters concerning feelings, dishonesty is especially dangerous.
How does this dishonesty manifest itself on the Internet? And what kind of danger does it represent for those who are looking for a romantic acquaintance? The answers to these questions can be found in this book.
In the first chapter, you will learn about the reasons and features of online dating, as well about their pros and cons.
In the second chapter, the dear reader will find a lot of interesting information about the fraud’s types in online networks.
In the third chapter, you will be introduced to various types of Internet traps.
In the fourth chapter, women can discover for herself many the secrets about online dating with men and how they should not become victims of male-scammers? In this chapter, men will find a lot of useful information too.
The fifth chapter prepares information for men that they need to know, for women-scammers not to deceive them. Here you will find a lot of useful tips. Women this chapter is not taboo for you. You must read it as well.
In the sixth chapter, you will learn about the rules of safe online dating for women. Read and use for online dating.
The seventh chapter describes hidden Internet threats for children and gives recommendations on how to avoid them.
The eighth chapter tells about a very dangerous online game called “Blue Whale,” which is very quickly distributed in networks.
So, if online dating organized correctly and wisely – is an excellent way to build a happy relationship of a lifetime. But, in the first place, you need to remember that you can fully know a person only after a real communication with him. And before it takes place, follow the tips in this book. If you are informed of the threat, it is easier for you to protect yourself from the dangers that may arise from online dating.
Pleasant and Safe Online Dating!
The Price for This Book is a Minor Investment in Your Success!
Download Your Copy Today!

Online World of Dating

short stories to prepare you for what’s out there
by Barbara Allen

short read of a humorous look at online dating debacles. Light hearted, real examples of dating in today’s world of technology. Perfect for singles and married women. All can relate. Enjoy!!

Online Dating For Men by Charlie Valentino

1 in 5 new relationships now begin from an online dating site. Given that only a few short years ago this figure was close to zero, this is quite impressive. It’s estimated that within a few years, the vast majority of new relationships will begin through online dating sites or apps.

Having said that, 95% of all men signing up to an internet dating site will give up, disappointed, within one subscription term.

Charlie Valentino has now authored his sixth relationship book for men, aiming to help guys meet their dream girl whether on, Plenty of Fish or any other online dating site or app.

In this book you’ll learn:
– The mindset and strategy you must take to set yourself apart from all the other guys online.
– The pitfalls of online dating and why most men fail.
– The webs best online dating sites and which ones to avoid.
– All you need to know to create the single best profile that will stop women in their tracks. Crafting that perfect profile is the single most important thing you must do to ensure women return your emails. Charlie Valentino previously authored Meet Women on Facebook and is an expert on creating enticing online profiles.
– Discover the many mistakes men make with their profiles so you can ensure not to make the same errors.
– Learn how to craft the perfect opening email to send girls to give yourself the highest possible chance of receiving a reply.
– Charlie also shows you his tried and tested cut and paste email system.
– See evidence of what 99% of guys are doing and why it’s impossible for them to stand out and make any impact. This is valuable information to know, so you don’t do the same.

Online Dating For Men contains all you need to know in order to attract women online, improving dramatically your chances of dating as many women as you like through online dating websites.

How to Get a Girlfriend by Brett Andrews

The Online Dating Guide for Men: How to Get a Girlfriend, Text, Meet, & Talk to Women on the Internet. Pickup on OkCupid, Tinder,, Plenty of Fish (From Texting Girls to Alpha Confidence)
by Brett Andrews

Do you have trouble getting women to respond to your messages?

Do you have trouble getting a date on OKCupid or Tinder?

The truth is…the majority of men who sign up to dating websites, never get even one date. This can be very damaging to your ego, and can make for a lot of lonely nights.

The solution is to learn how to see the online dating game, from the woman’s perspective. To get inside her head, so we can know what she’s really looking for.

With this mindset, you’ll have the insight to properly target the women you want, and eliminate the obstacles that prevent her from seeing the real you.


We will teach you how to avoid the typical online dating pitfalls that are keeping you from finding the woman of your dreams.

You will learn:

The simple messaging strategy that has been proven to get dates–touted by the inventor of OkCupid himself–mathematician Christian Rudder.
What Evolutionary Psychology has to tell us about how women experience attraction to a new man.
The 4 reasons why women respond positively to men online.
The one paragraph that you must include in your dating profile, to signal YOUR values to a woman.
How to re-frame her negative messages into positive outcomes.
How to build the right “dating mindset” and eliminate dating anxiety.
The secrets of dating site photography, and, how to use the “Wisdom of Crowds” to select your best photo.
And, finally, how to build a genuine connection with a woman online.

The Online Dating Guide is full of tips and tricks that will create an immediate, positive impact on your dating life. Instead of just telling you to do something, we provide practical, science-based actions that create long-lasting changes in your love life.

Would you like to learn more?

Get the book today!

Master Dating Online by Chris Masters

Master Dating Online: One Man’s Journey To Find Love On The Internet
by Chris Masters

Have you ever been on a bad date? Have you ever met someone off the Internet? Have you ever combined them both into a book to capitalize off your bad Internet dates? Most people can probably say yes to the first question. A smaller number would answer yes to the second. Only a select few who are courageous enough to let people laugh about their mistakes can answer yes to question three.
This book is also about hope. I hope the sales from this book will cover a large part of my psychiatric care. You may hope to never go on these types of dates in your life. I hope you get as much pleasure reading this book as I had in writing it. Wait. Scratch that. Writing is a pain, and reliving past memories of painful memories only causes more pain. So, in closing, I hope reading this book wasn’t as painful as it was to write.

About the author
Chris has been dating online for over 20 years and was one of the first members of During his time dating women online, he experienced many crazy situations and interesting people who shaped his life and gave him a broader view of the world. Chris has since given up dating and lives in a monastery on the top of Mount Fuji

How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk

by John Van Epp


“An insightful and creative contribution to managing the complexity of choosing a life partner. I heartily recommend it.”

–Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., author of Getting the Love You Want and Keeping the Love You Find

“Don’t be part of the ‘where-was-this-book-when-I-needed-it?’ crowd. It’s not too late–read it now!”

–Pat Love, Ed.D., author of The Truth About Love and Hot Monogamy

Based on years of research on marital and premarital happiness, How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk (previously published in hardcover as How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk) will help you break destructive dating patterns that have kept you from finding the love you deserve:

Ask the right questions to inspire meaningful, revealing conversations with your partner
Judge character based on compatibility, relationships skills, friends, and patterns from family and previous relationships
Resolve your own emotional baggage so you’re ready for a healthy relationship

The Meet & Attract Girls Bundle (2-in-1)

Includes “How to Talk to Women with Charisma, Confidence & Charm” + “The Online Dating Guide for Men”
by Brett Andrews

If you wish you knew how to “sweep a woman off her feet,” then keep reading.

The truth is: A lot of men simply don’t know what to say–to an attractive woman. You might feel like you have nothing to offer her. Perhaps you’ve experienced uncomfortable emotions in social situations–like embarrassment, frustration, or sadness–because it seems like everybody has a girlfriend but you.

You’re not alone. Through the ages, many men (like Casanova, Kierkegaard, & Schopenhauer) have wrestled with the same problems. They attempted to codify the elements of female attraction, and unpack the riddle of womanhood. Much of ancient literature tells the tale of a woeful love-struck man–lamenting the indifference of the woman he desires.

Why do some men seem to effortlessly exude charisma, confidence, and charm, while others never get any attention at all?

What’s the solution?

Fortunately for us, recent advances in evolutionary psychology, biology, and social science have shed some light on these questions to unlock the formula for charisma!

The trick lies in understanding that, the female brain was tuned (thousands of years ago) to look for a certain set of male characteristics. At a subconscious level, a woman’s brain is always observing a man–taking note of his body language, the gaze of his eyes, his voice, his touch, his way with words, and the way he carries himself across a crowded room. The message a man conveys with these little behaviors, is known as his “nonverbal communication.” Mastering this type of communication, approaching women, engaging in small talk, and parlaying an encounter into a romance, is a delicate undertaking–sometimes called the “Art of Seduction.” There is much to learn in this domain. But, fortunately, we’ve crammed this book full of practical information, and proven strategies–designed to teach you exactly how to instantly connect with a woman–on a deeper level.
Book 1: “How to Talk to Women with Charisma, Confidence & Charm”

How to make a first impression that counts–and makes her instantly curious to learn more about you.
How to become more articulate, well-spoken, and make witty small talk, effortlessly.
Learn the cure for “never knowing what to say” to a woman you just met.
The one conversation technique that is guaranteed to get her instantly interested in you.
The biological basis of confidence, how it kept your ancestors alive, and how to develop it in yourself.
How to utilize eye contact, and the power of your voice, to seize female attention.
How to avoid the dreaded “Friend Zone,” & use your touch and masculine energy to spark sexual tension.

Book 2: “The Online Dating Guide for Men”

The simple messaging strategy that has been proven to get dates–touted by the inventor of OkCupid himself–mathematician Christian Rudder.
The 4 reasons why women respond positively to men online.
The one paragraph that you must include in your dating profile, to signal YOUR values to a woman.
How to select your best digital photo.
How to re-frame her negative messages into positive outcomes.

Even if you’re not the best-looking guy in the world, this is largely irrelevant. Because it takes more than a pretty face to attract a woman. As Casanova himself wrote in 1821:

“I was not handsome, but I had something better than beauty–a striking expression–which almost compelled an affectionate interest in my favor, and I felt myself ready for anything… A most unwavering feeling of self-esteem…enhanced wonderfully my confidence in myself.”

Wouldn’t it be great to have this level of confidence?

Ready to learn more?

Then click the Buy Button now!

Escape the Singles Trap

Online Dating: Escape the Singles Trap, Create The Perfect Profile For You, Easy Dating Profile Secrets To Get You Dating, How to make Tinder, POF, Happn etc Work For You
by Joe Ross and Online Dating

Whether you’ve dated online already and need some advice to raise your game or are completely new to online dating this book gives you a no-nonsense approach to meeting attractive women.

9 Reasons This Book will be your Go-To Guide to Successful Dating:

1) I cover a range of the most popular websites from Plenty of Fish to Tinder to Happn, show you how do they work, the best ones to choose and the ones to avoid.
2) I go into a quick and easy way to set up your profile – that play to YOUR STRENGTHS – this is probably the main reason for not getting the replies you want.
3) I take you through the process of taking that date WINNING main profile picture – this is why women click on your profile – what the framing should be, what you should be doing, and wearing – and crucially what you shouldn’t include.
3) Your backup pictures to get you replies – I then give examples of what your OTHER pictures should be – these images are doing the talking!
4) I go into filling out your ‘about me’ – this is a fantastic opportunity to get that girl jumping for the ‘message’ button. We’ll go through how to make yourself sound intriguing, so THEY’LL want to message and ask about you.
5) I offer advice for setting your parameters and how to go about searching so you’re not wasting your time and your money.
6) I give a list of the DREADFUL stereotypes that seem to lurk on dating sites now – and how we can separate ourselves from them – therefore rising to the top of the ‘most wanted’ list by women.
7) One of the hardest things – the opening message! I give you examples of how to start a message, get intrigue, and give yourself the best possible chance of a reply!
8) I take you through the simple steps to get the girls number – moving off of the website as fast as possible and arranging that drink!
9) I also suggest great times and places to go for the initial drink – This is all about you getting to know the girl.

15 Information Packed Chapters I cover:

–Plenty of Sites
–Creating your Profile
–The Backup – Secondary Pictures
–Vital Statistics
–Improving your Look
–It’s the ‘about me’
–Setting your Parameters
–The Stereotypes that Lurk Online
–Opening Messages
–Texting and Whatsapping
–No Reply?
–Going for a Drink
–Looking for Fun?
–Going in for the Kiss
–The Awkward Goodbye

This book is jammed packed with everything you need to get you to that first date. Dating should be enjoyable, where you can choose who you want to date rather than getting frustrated and wondering why ‘no one replies’. By avoid mistakes I lay out you will meet hot and charming women for new adventures. This is about improving you, making you the best you can be, and with my help I’m going to help you get dating.

So without further ado, let’s jump straight in and get dating!

Christian Online Dating by Kim Brooks

The Ultimate Guide To Christian Online Dating
by Kim Brooks

Ever thought about using sites like Christian Mingle or Eharmony, or have you set up a profile and aren’t having any success? Your Inside The Ultimate Guide To Christian Online Dating you’ll discover the dos and don’ts of Christian Online Dating, how to not be deceived, red flags to avoid, whether or not Christian online dating is for you, how to be safe and successful while dating online. Before you set up or continue on a dating site – read this first.

Secrets of Dating After Fifty

The Insider’s Guide to Finding Love Again
by Karen Haddigan

Are you recently single, over 50 and feeling like a dating dinosaur? Well, buckle up because Secrets of Dating After Fifty is here to help.
Secrets takes readers on a wild ride in the search to find love later in life, where the dating landscape has completely changed, potential partners are served up online and there are no rules for how to behave.
Humorous, insightful and blushingly candid, Secrets is self-help with attitude! It explores everything from the awakening of your inner teenager to sex with aging bodies, how to avoid dates from hell and why you should never ask your married friends for dating advice.
Whether you’re currently dating, thinking about it or totally committed to life with your dog, Secrets of Dating After Fifty is as entertaining as it is instructive.

You Must Understand a Man

To Date a Man, You Must Understand a Man: The Keys to Catch a Great Guy (Relationship and Dating Advice for Women Book 7)
by Gregg Michaelsen

What if you could get what you want from a man by communicating in a way that only he understands? His best male friend can do it, why can’t you? You can now! Introducing Man Mode

Doesn’t it drive you nuts how a man will show his soft underbelly to his male friends but not you? He won’t show you crap when it comes to his emotions but he spills his guts to his buds. It’s like there is some secret society that only men know. I will teach you “MAN MODE” to crack this secret just like his friends can. Man mode is how you communicate to a man just like his male friends do. It’s simple, MAGICAL, and he won’t even know you are doing it!

This is the JEWEL and the core read to compliment all of my best sellers! This dating advice for women book gives you the blueprint to understanding the male mind.

Where is the manual to teach women how to deal with men?
Where is the dating book to communicate with a man and get one’s desires met?
And where is the course instructing women on how to keep a man in love with them?

Right Here! Don’t Believe? Read My Reviews!

Guys get away with tons of stuff because YOU allow them to. This book will strip a man of his power and put you in control.

Hi I’m Gregg. I’m a top dating and life coach out of Boston. I have sold 250,000 books and this is what I am offering you:
Buy this book and there is a chance we can talk in private

How many Authors offer this?

Everyone’s story is unique. You are unique. But your situation is not. I have seen it and fixed it a thousand times. So if we can talk directly, we can improve your situation.

This is what I do – I take as many emails as I can. It’s possible I can talk with you. Please, don’t beat me up if I can’t get to you or I arrive too late. My email is inside the book. I love working with my wonderful readers as you can see in my reviews.

This dating advice book is your core read, my other top dating books are your tools, and I am your confidence builder.
In Section 1, We Learn His Blueprint:

The Conveyor Belt to Manhood (The influences of our upbringing)
How men love in different ways and how these affect YOU
How men determine a keeper
The 3 things men require (not what you think!)
The 5 mistakes women often make and don’t realize it (this alone will change your life)

In Section 2, I Teach:

How and why you need to control your emotions
Man Mode
How to become a higher woman of value (experiences-the more the better)
Baggage handling (both his and yours)
My formula for attraction (complete this first, then find a guy)
Confidence building done my way (You have never heard of this trick!)
Some men are just idiots and should be DUMPED
Power dating and why you need to do this
Is he the one? And the plan to test him (this is fun)
The secret language of relationships

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Read the sequel to this book! Manimals! Understanding Different Types of Men and How to Date Them It’s powerful, funny, and interactive.
About The Author

Gregg Michaelsen, Boston’s top dating coach strikes again with trending dating and relationship advice for women. Read all his books on Amazon; 10 Secrets You Need To Know About Men, Power Texting Men, The Social Tigress, Who Holds the Cards Now?, How to Get Your Ex Back Fast and Love is in The Mouse. These books are game changers!
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Cheat Codes Of Love

Online Dating: Cheat Codes Of Love (Online Dating, Internet Dating, Tinder Dating, OkCupid Dating, Dating Manual, Online Dating For Beginners, Online Dating Profile)
by Remi

“Should I try online dating? Is it worth the effort? Can I find real love online?” If you exercise some honesty, you will agree that the above questions are ones you have asked yourself at one point or the other especially if your life is, or has been ‘dateless’ for a while.
This book has outlined everything you need to know to go from no date, to multiple online prospects, to great online conversation, and then to a great first date. It has outlined how to get started with online dating, how to create an outstanding profile, interact with matches, and ensure your safety as you pursue love in the online scene. By applying what you have learnt here, meeting the love of your life and falling head over heels with him or her is easy.

A Woman’s Definitive Guide

Middle Aged and Kickin’ It!: A Woman’s Definitive Guide to Dating Over 40, 50 and Beyond (Relationship and Dating Advice for Women Book 11)
by Gregg Michaelsen

Middle Aged and Kickin’ It! A Woman’s Definitive Guide to Dating Over 40, 50 and Beyond

Are you a single Mom dating? Are you ready to start dating after marriage? Dating after divorce is hard and brings many challenges, I get it.

Inside is a no-B.S. guy’s perspective on how to get back into the groove after a long hiatus from the dating jungle.

Hi I’m Gregg and I’m your ace in the hole. I am a dating and life coach. Having sold a quarter million books I am your man to fire you up and get you out there BETTER than ever. You and I, together, will get you comfortable dating again by understanding men and understanding yourself again. You see, for many of you, your identity got lost because you were always GIVING to everyone else but yourself.
This Changes Today. Your Time is Now!

I’m the best selling author who encourages women to contact me. Yes, my email is in the back of the book! How many authors make that claim?!! Just read the reviews on this book and my other books for proof.

If you’re dating over 40 and ready to start dating again, but don’t know where or how to start, this is the book for you. If you want to find a great man to share your life with—but also want to have some fun while you’re searching—then this book is your go-to.
You’re About to Take a Huge Leap

Maybe you have kids or elderly parents whose care is your responsibility. Maybe you have a job that eats up all your time. Maybe you’ve been single for so long that you don’t know where to start. Maybe you’re recently divorced and your identity has been tied to someone for so long that you’ve forgotten who you were before.
No matter which road you’ve taken to get here, I can help get you back into the dating scene. That is a personal promise I’m making to you right now.
Inside Middle Aged and Kickin’ It

• You will learn how to manage the baggage that comes with age and relationships
• You will understand what it takes to become a confident woman again and feel amazing in your own body, no matter what you think you look like
• You will get USEFUL dating tips on how to be relevant in today’s dating world – not just how to look, but where to look
• You will learn how to have FUN dating, and how to make sure your next man treats you the way you want to be treated.
Build Yourself and He Will Come!

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We all need a good shake up from time to time. Whether you’re nervous about dating again, feeling guilty over obligations you have, or even complacent from being single for such a long time, I want to help you shake it off, and find love again.

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About The Author

Gregg Michaelsen, Boston’s #1 dating coach strikes again with top dating advice for women. He hold’s the top position for dating advice on Amazon with his books; 10 Secrets You Need to Know About Men, Power Texting Men, To Date a Man You Must Understand Yourself, The Social Tigress, Who Holds the Cards Now?, How to Get Your Ex Back Fast and Love is in The Mouse.

The Conflicted Love Series : Boxed Set

This collection contains three serial romances that should be read in order. Each of the stories are full books with a complimentary novella at the end.

Book 1: The Conflicted Billionaire
Jenny Jamison is a small-town veterinarian who wants the simple things in life. After a particularly terrible blind date, she decides to give an online dating site a try, where she meets the perfect guy. There’s just one problem: he lives a thousand miles away.

Owen Kaine’s life is filled with people who are more interested in what he has than who he is. On a whim, he joins a dating site anonymously. When things go better than anticipated, he regrets using a fake profile because his perfect girl can’t stand a liar. Can true love survive a comedy of errors?

Book 2: The Conflicted Maid of Honor
Sammie Finch hasn’t had the best time lately and that’s saying a lot considering she’s on a cruise. After a selfish argument with her friend, she heads ashore to see St. Lucia on her own. Her solo excursion is fine until her purse is stolen and she gets lost. With the cruise ship leaving port in a few hours, she must get back to be the maid of honor for her best friend’s wedding.

Dominic Dupre’s routine life in St. Lucia gets shaken up when a lost American woman wanders into his bar. When he fails to get her back to the ship on time, he offers to help her until she can get things straightened out. But his good deeds bring both challenges and unexpected attraction. How far will Dominic go to find out if Sammie is the one?

Book 3: The Conflicted Felon
Natasha Didier has spent the last three years in prison. When she takes a deal and is released, she finds being free has some major drawbacks and struggles to figure out who she is now. When an attempt is made on her life, she has no choice but to leave her birthplace of St. Lucia and move to the plains of Kansas where she meets a slow talkin’ cowboy. In the middle of nowhere, he is her only source of transportation and she finds Kansas is not her cup of tea.

Chet Jackson has found solace in quietly operating his Wyoming horse ranch. When an uncle he never knew passes away, he inherits the home as the next of kin. Forced to go to Kansas to handle business with the lawyer, he is thrust out of his comfort zone and into something he’d sworn off years before – fierce attraction. But he soon realizes, loving this woman is killer.

Bonus Story: The Conflicted 70s Girl
High school senior, Betsy Maples, is focused on having a career, not a relationship. But things get complicated when she rebels against a teacher and lands in trouble she never anticipated. The only person she can turn to when she needs immediate help is a soldier she just met. When love comes calling, Betsy’s future plans are on the line. How will she ever stay true to her heart?

Never Too Late for Love

The Successful Woman’s Guide to Online Dating in the Second Half of Life
by Bragar EdD, Joan

Discover how to find the man of your dreams.

You’ve succeeded on your own terms, and now you want to have a loving partner in your life. But you still have worries. Will men still find you attractive? How can you succeed in the complex world of online dating? Are there still any good men out there?

At age sixty-two, Joan Bragar, leadership consultant and coach, married the good man of her dreams. The lessons she learned from this journey have inspired other women to find happiness in love. In Never Too Late for Love, she provides proven practices to:

Clarify your intentions for the kind of relationship you want

Effectively use online dating sites to meet suitable men

Overcome the inevitable disappointments of dating…to meet the man of your dreams!

As New York Times bestselling author Katherine Woodward states, “Dr. Joan Bragar is a world-class myth-buster. In this delightfully compelling read, you’re going to find out why finding happy, healthy love is not only possible, but probable when you follow her simple and easy-to-follow protocol.”

If you’re ready to find and keep the love of your life, then Never Too Late for Love will be your guide.

A Sucky Love Story

A Sucky Love Story: Overcoming Unhappily Ever After
by Brittani Louise Taylor

What if falling in love meant almost losing everything?

Where does a moderately popular internet star who never leaves her house look for potential suitors? Online. Tinder, Bumble,, OkCupid—I tried them all. My thirty-one-year-old self clicked and swiped her little heart out, leading to more dates than I could count, and more disappointment than I was prepared for.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe you know all too well the perils of modern dating. But let’s say, eventually, you meet someone. You think to yourself, “Wow, they’re perfect! Take me off the market, put a ring on it, knock me up, the whole enchilada, because they are ‘the one.’” Let’s also say that they “feel the same way” about you. Your life starts to make sense! All the pain, heartbreak, and frustration from past failed relationships was worth it. Slow clap.

That’s how I felt about Milos. He was from Europe, a doctor, wealthy, athletic. He had an accent and a dog. Milos was textbook marriage material.

For him it was “love at first sight,” but for me, it was “anxiety on every date.”

Something was telling me to run—but for two years, the only running I did was straight into his arms.

If only I would have listened.

This isn’t a love story.

It’s my story of survival.

Tips to get Foreign Women Online

Online Dating for Every Man: Tips to get Foreign Women Online
by Yesh Yonas

This book will help men date Foreign Women Internationally and get many of the ones of their liking. This read will give you tips to make better adjustments to your profile.

Moving on Online Dating

by Saffiere Dunstan-Saffrey

For every woman who has been lost in the emotional minefield after a relationship ends. This book will show the way through the grief, low self esteem and show you how to be successful at online dating and moving on. Help with the pitfalls, how to write a profile, how to weed out the bad from the good and ultimately, how to get off the sofa and start living again.

Blueprint for Internet Dating

ONLINE DATING: Learn to Create Your Unique, Personal Relationship Blueprint for Internet Dating
by Carolyn Carayannis




Successful Relationships for individuals begin with strong, internal, personal foundations.

Whether you are young or old, successful relationships, and online dating outcomes depend upon your ability to set yourself up for success. Concrete goals and intentions, a clear understanding about the kind of relationship you desire, and the important qualities you yearn for from that particular association or significant other are unparalleled.

Your ability to ascertain your personal relationship strengths and limitations, understand your intrinsic relationship style and discriminate between the numerous online dating services, and potential personal associations is paramount for successful liaisons, and to make safe, informed decisions as to which services and individuals are best suited for you.


Have those relationships been weak and crumbly?

Do you vacillate about your desires, and your relationship goals and intentions?

Do you know your personal relationship strengths and limitations?

Do you know your intrinsic relationship style?

Do you lack self-confidence and a self-assured direction when it comes to creating your personal profile & interrelationship decisions?

Do you find the process of creating an online dating profile challenging?

Do you lack cyber safety savvy?


What you are about to discover:

1. You will learn: How to create your Unique, Personal Relationship Blueprint for Internet dating Dating.

2. You will learn: The Secret to Creating a Killer Online Dating Profile.

3. You will learn: How to Identify Your Intrinsic Relationship Style.

4. You will learn: How to Evaluate Your Relationship Strengths & Limitations.

5. You will learn: How to Evaluate Online Dating Providers & Their Cyber Safety.

6. You will learn: Cyber Safety Practices for Online Dating Profiles.

7. You will learn: How to Choose Safe, Reputable Internet Dating Providers That Suite Your Intrinsic Relationship Style .

8. You will learn: The Negotiable & Nonnegotiable Qualities you desire for your prospective associations.

9. You will learn: Your Deal Breakers.

and much, much more!

Download your copy today!
Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

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Online Dating Avoid The Catfish

How To Date Online Successfully
by Kevin Darné

Kevin Darné author of My Cat Won’t Bark! (A Relationship Epiphany) has written the perfect complementary book with Online Dating: Avoid the Catfish! (How to Date Online Successfully).
Avoid the Catfish! is for anyone who wants to take control of their online dating endeavors. Darné reveals the six mistakes many people make, how to dodge the friend zone, sidestep the long-distance relationship trap, and avoid the catfish; but most of all you’ll learn how to have fun again when dating! It’s not that online dating sucks, too many people suck at online dating!

Each of us chooses our own friends, lovers, and spouse.
Each of us has our own mate selection/screening process and must haves list.
Each of us has our own boundaries and deal breakers.

The only thing all of your failed relationships have in common is you. Nothing happens until you say yes to someone. If you want something different you have to do something different!

Kevin Darné has shared his dating insights on WGN-TV Morning News Chicago, The Chicago Tribune,,, Tinder,,,,,,,, AARP, other publishers and radio programs.

Avoid the Catfish! is a must read for anyone considering using an online dating site or app!

Getting to Know Someone

Online Dating: 238 Questions – Getting to Know Someone
by Rachel Ryter

In this digital age of finding love online where you can swipe right for yes and left for no – it’s all about attraction, now what? The next step is taking time to get to know your potential love interest.

This easy to read book offers 238 questions to help guide you on your way. These are the questions used by this author and her spouse when communicating online. It is an honest inside look at what worked for us. This is not to say it will work for everyone. Pick the chapters you can relate to, take some or all questions, tweak them to fit the person you are pursuing. It is written mostly in list format so you can use it as a workbook. This book is not a “how to do it right” but more of a “how to ease into” questions most have when dating.

We are an ordinary couple that met online five years ago, we are not perfect and not every day is filled with rainbows and sunshine. Communication is a two-way process that must be implemented honestly and daily. These questions are just the start of the many questions the two of you will have. Hopefully, these 238 questions will help generate open communication with your love interest.

The Gentleman’s Guide

by Derek Cajun

With the explosion of the internet and all things that have come along with it, online dating is now not only commonly accepted by the general public, but a legitimately great way to meet people. Unfortunately, the millions of women who now use Plenty of Fish, OKCupid, eHarmony, or the myriad of other dating websites, get bombarded by hundreds of messages from men on a daily basis – pickup lines, sexually suggestive messages that a vast majority of the men would never have the courage to say in person, the same old boring “hey” or “what’s up” that she gets sent 50 times a day or guys with blatantly false advertising.

So how do you stick out and get her to respond to you out of the hundreds of guys who are messaging her? Derek Cajun, a senior dating instructor and winner of the TV show Keys to the VIP, was tasked by Love Systems President Nick Savoy with experimenting with online dating… and he did so for 2 years. Through much trial and error and many dates later, Cajun has revealed in this book what he found to be most effective:

– how to set up your profile so it’s not boring and serious
– what kind of pictures to choose to portray you in the best light (it might not be what you think)
– how to get her to have an emotional reaction when she looks at your profile
– and most importantly: leading you through the entire online dating process from creating your profile to sending the 1st message, continuing the conversation online, taking it to phone and text, and then meeting up in person.

The Gentlemen’s Guide to Online Dating is a complete system for meeting, attracting and dating women that you meet and find online. Being the #1 dating company in the world with numerous renowned products under its belt, Love Systems decided the next logical step was to take advantage of the internet and meeting women online.

Captivate Deluxe

The Science of Succeeding with People
by Van Edwards, Vanessa

The deluxe eBook edition of CAPTIVATE includes twelve exclusive videos from author Vanessa Van Edwards, where she gives tips on storytelling, using hand gestures to build rapport, recognizing non-verbal cues, decoding micro-expressions, and more. Readers will learn how to set up mini-experiments and read cues, making them more adept communicators. Vanessa also interviews Paige Hendrix Buckner, CEO of ClientJoy.

Do you feel awkward at networking events? Do you wonder what your date really thinks of you? Do you wish you could decode people? You need to learn the science of people.

As a human behavior hacker, Vanessa Van Edwards created a research lab to study the hidden forces that drive us. And she’s cracked the code. In Captivate, she shares shortcuts, systems, and secrets for taking charge of your interactions at work, at home, and in any social situation. These aren’t the people skills you learned in school. This is the first comprehensive, science backed, real life manual on how to captivate anyone—and a completely new approach to building connections.

Just like knowing the formulas to use in a chemistry lab, or the right programming language to build an app, Captivate provides simple ways to solve people problems. You’ll learn, for example…

· How to work a room: Every party, networking event, and social situation has a predictable map. Discover the sweet spot for making the most connections.
· How to read faces: It’s easier than you think to speed-read facial expressions and use them to predict people’s emotions.
· How to talk to anyone: Every conversation can be memorable—once you learn how certain words generate the pleasure hormone dopamine in listeners.

When you understand the laws of human behavior, your influence, impact, and income will increase significantly. What’s more, you will improve your interpersonal intelligence, make a killer first impression, and build rapport quickly and authentically in any situation—negotiations, interviews, parties, and pitches. You’ll never interact the same way again.

Running on Empty No More

Transform Your Relationships With Your Partner, Your Parents and Your Children
by Webb, PhD, Jonice

Since the publication of Running on Empty: Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect, many thousands of people have learned that invisible Childhood Emotional Neglect, or CEN, has been weighing on them their entire lives, and are now in the process of recovery. Running on Empty No More: Transform Your Relationships will offer even more solutions for the effects of CEN on people’s lives: how to talk about CEN, and heal it, in relationships with partners, parents, and children.

Click Here for Love

Online Dating Sites’ Data Reveals How to Create a Dating Profile, Pictures & Messages That Will Stop You from Getting Passed Over … You Meet New People, Get Dates & Find Love
by A.K. Royce

Freakonomics reported that 56% of men & 21% of women who create an online dating profile do not even get one single message…and yet, more than one-third of all marriages between 2005 and 2012 started out online.

Clearly, some people are extremely successful at online dating, while many others fail miserably. This is not due to coincidence, fate or luck. When crafting their photographs, profile text and messages, most of the people who succeed at online dating practice several simple techniques in common, while the people who get ignored or rejected often make tiny but fatal mistakes that uniformly turn other people off.

How can you find out what the attributes of profiles & messages that get results are and join the ranks of the winners?
That’s where this book comes in. I’ve spent hundreds of hours collecting, studying and analyzing online dating and attraction-related data published by websites such as,,, and, as well as dozens of books and published university studies. Then I compiled and explained the information I found within these potentially life-changing pages. This information you’re about to learn shows you the attributes of profile photos, text & messages that people truly respond to (beware, a lot of what you’ll learn is not politically correct, but it’ll work) and also exactly what turns them off and leads them to skip over profiles without a second thought.

You’ll use this information to learn exactly what to do when crafting your profile photos, profile text and messages to turn on the attraction and interest response in others. You’ll also learn exactly what not to do so that you don’t get passed over. Our goal for you is to bring you wonderful new people into your life and get you exactly the type of relationship you want, whether it is a steady stream of dates, casual sex, a long term relationship, new friends or marriage. It’s all here.

Also included are red flags to look out for, instructions on how to test your profile to make sure it’s working for you, and a resource list of online dating and social websites so you can get yourself out there today and practice all you’ll learn in this book.

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the things you’ll learn:
*The color that turns everyone on
*How to pose in your photos
*Which way to look when you’re posing for photos
*Just how much of your body you should show in photos
*What you should absolutely not include in your photos
*Words to include, words to avoid in your profile text
*How to create a username that will draw people in
*How to create anticipation and intrigue
*How to stand out from hundreds of other profiles
*How to make it easy for other people to connect with you
*How to know who to pursue, and who to pass over
*How to know what kind of person and relationship you’re truly looking for
*What kinds of profiles attract one-night stands, and what kind of profiles attract more meaningful relationships
*How to write messages that will get responses
*What common words and poses you should never use, because they will cause most people to reject you
*How to build attraction and anticipation
*How to ask someone out on a date
*Online dating statistics
*Dating site resource list
*Lots, lots more

By reading this book, you can save yourself years of experimentation and do things right the first time so you can bring in incredibly rewarding experiences & new people in your life right now.

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Fit To Be Tied

by Nancy Naigle and Kelsey Browning

These gals are like Dirty Harry…only over 50, female, and from the south.

Lillian Summer Fairview is settling right nice into the federal pen. She’s even making peace with Big Martha, the toughest broad on the cellblock.

After hearing Lil’s granny friends recently took down a swindler, Big Martha asks Lil for a favor. Her niece has fallen for a guy she met online, and Martha’s convinced Mr. Too-Good-To-Be-True is up to no good. All Lil’s friends have to do is a little look-see on the guy and report back. But when they poke around, they find the guy doesn’t really exist, and that triggers a wild ride through the world of online dating.

Meanwhile, a cantankerous septic system on Lil’s family estate in Summer Shoals, GA has the grannies fit to be tied. If Summer Haven isn’t in shipshape before the historic society’s inspection, they’ll be in deep you-know-what.
Big Martha sweetens the deal by promising to fix what ails Summer Haven if the grannies can find the elusive Romeo.

Will the grannies track him down before the inspection, or will they find themselves in trouble right up to their granny panties?

FIT TO BE TIED is also available in Trade and Large Print paperback.

How To MindF**k A Man

Ho Tactics (Savage Edition) : How To MindF**k A Man Into Spending, Spoiling, and Sponsoring
by G.L. Lambert

The Savage Edition of the book that has already changed thousands of lives. 4 New Bonus Chapters as well as updated and expanded chapters on how to pull off each Tactic! This is the book that no man wants you to read…
Countless women play by the bias male rules of dating and relationships, one that keeps them in a constant state of stress and worry. Victims of romance instead of masters of love, today’s women settle for cheap dates and cheaper talk. Why are you splitting the bill with a man that should be spoiling you? Why are you preparing home cooked meals for a man that can’t provide you a home? Why are you having sex with a man that promises the world, but refuses to give you his heart? Why are you playing by outdated rules in hopes that one day your kindness will be rewarded? I have discovered a group of women who refuse to be exploited, are immune to manipulation, and who never settle in the name of love. These ladies know what they want and take what they want by beating men at their own game. Utilizing the secrets exposed in this book, these women gain power, money, and status. Men call them Gold Diggers, women call them Hos, but they call themselves Winners. This is the book that society doesn’t want you to read… Ho Tactics: How To MindF**k A Man into Spending, Spoiling, and Sponsoring lays out the practical steps to evolve from a woman that goes Dutch to a woman that gets pampered. Ho Tactics provides the Sex-Free blueprint on how to turn any man into your personal ATM. Stop spending nights with men that can’t offer you anything but conversation, stop being understanding of men who are underachieving, stop settling and submitting, and learn how to seduce and destroy! You tried to play by their rules, now it’s time to play by Ho rules.
New Bonus Chapters Include: How to turn the table on Male Players, How to be a Sugar Baby without giving up Sugar, Tactics for women already in long-term or new relationships, and so much more!

Log In for Love by Eric Robespierre

Online dating is a staple of contemporary culture. Very profitable websites have been built on the promise to deliver true love and happiness. But copywriter and author Eric Robespierre knows it isn’t as simple as that.

Robespierre has spent eleven years dating through online sites, and he has realized one thing about his experiences: they’re absolutely hilarious! In this funny guide to finding love, he never loses sight of the fun, flirty part of the online-dating experience.

Many people treat it like a test or a game. Robespierre reminds you to treat it as a date! Make sure that you and your potential match have a great time with some of Robespierre’s simple suggestions.

Robespierre includes advice on

choosing a site,

building a profile,

answering important questions,

dating as you grow older,

going from online to a live date, and

deciding whether you’ve found a match.

Some of his dos and don’ts are hilarious (don’t post a profile picture of yourself in a Speedo!), but all show important truths about online dating. With anecdotes and advice from many other online daters, Robespierre has captured the best and worst the online community has to offer in an effort to help readers discover what romantic partners are looking for and what they respond to.

Robespierre concludes that by find the laughter and joy in online dating, you can make it a positive experience and have some fun with it!

Approaching Women

A step-by-step guide to getting more dates
by Justin Stenstrom

How would you feel if you could walk up to any woman you wanted and start an amazing conversation within seconds?

But not only that, have her attracted to you and completely falling for you within just minutes?

If you’re like most guys this is one of your dreams, a pipedream of course, but still a dream.

However, that’s all about to change…

You see, what you’ve stumbled across here is not just one of the best dating books for men, it’s one of the best dating books ever written!

Approaching Women: A step-by-step guide to getting more dates will show you exactly how you can walk up to any woman you desire and successfully intrigue, build comfort, attract, and get her number within just minutes… every single time.

Not since The Game book by Neil Strauss has one book been so wildly popular and effective at getting men to meet, attract, and date beautiful women.

Justin Stenstrom, the author of Giving Shy Guys Game, has followed up on his original dating manifesto masterpiece with an equally intriguing and fascinating self-help dating book.

Bringing almost a decade of personal experience in the dating field and many years of working one-on-one with world-class dating experts like Mark Manson, Kezia Noble, David Deangelo, Scot McKay, and Jason Capital, Justin has crafted THE dating playbook for men!

Forget about pickup artists and all the crap they try to sell you… Save your money.

Forget about pickup artist routines, outfits, pickup lines, and PUA books… They just don’t work.

Forget about trying to be someone you’re not… Be who you truly are and women will really love you!

You see, none of the gimmicks actually work.

What does work is being genuine, being authentic, and bringing out that inner confidence that you have already inside you.

It’s about becoming the best version of yourself and figuring out how to express this to the world.
And this book teaches you exactly how to do just that!

As Huffington Post writer Kimberly Seltzer so eloquently said about this incredible dating book, “Anyone who wants to know how to approach women in a classy way you need to read this! This well-written step-by-step guide will catapult you into taking action so that you can feel confident approaching women. I am a dating coach myself and I will be referring clients to this fantastic book during my wing gal sessions. Keep up the great work!”

When it comes to dating advice for men, look no further!

You’ve hit the jackpot here.

The approaching and dating tips littered throughout every page easily make this one of the best dating advice books ever written.

Inside Approaching Women you’ll learn:
•How to approach women like a natural
•How to get more dates today without coming across as creepy or weird
•How to gain more confidence in your dating life right now
•How to overcome one of the biggest fears that all men have in life
•How to end approach anxiety for good
•Why pick-up artists have it all wrong and what to do instead
•Why women love the guys who are natural and don’t act like PUA’s
•How to stand out but still be yourself
•Justin’s personal style of meeting women and why it works
•What the best dating coaches in the world do
•How approaching women can positively affect other aspects of your life
•Why you should be online dating and online dating tips that actually work
•The best first date advice that most guys don’t know
•The best and worst pickup lines and why you should avoid using pickup lines
•The different types of women out there and how to go about approaching them
•How to find a woman that’s right for you and your personality type
•How to attract your soulmate and find The One
•How to find true happiness in dating and in life

Don’t miss out on changing your dating life forever.

Order this book right now and meet, attract, and date the woman of your dreams today!