Business Franchise For People Who Adore Children

Are you looking for a franchise opportunity which revolves round children? Why not consider a tutoring franchise. Your business and work consists of educating children out with school hours in the basics of English, spelling, reading & mathematics.

You mainly help children between the ages of six and sixteen who through no fault of their own are having learning difficulties. Maybe they have just moved school, had health problems or are just emotionally upset. You can help them get back on track by providing the education that fills their gaps.

Even if you are not looking to buy a franchise but would rather start a business on your own, then this is an ideal opportunity for you if you have a good grasp of the English language.

Before your start it will help you to do a refresher course in English & Mathematics and learn all you can about teaching. There are many courses available that can get you up to speed in no time. Having a professional qualification in teaching is very useful. It means that you will be able to charge more per pupil.

Initial investment is very low as the only equipment you need are a few computers, desks and some chairs. You can now buy software that will help to make teaching fun. These are specially designed with children in mind and provide you with tools that are rarely used in the classrooms of today.

It is important that you take out the relevant insurance as accidents do happen especially when there are boisterous children around. Having a first aid certificate from a professional body is also essential. The first aid courses are fun to do and in my opinion everybody should do one.

You will have to choose premises that adhere to all legal requirements. These are not so strict when you only have a small number of pupils but demand more as the number of students increase. If you only plan to teach a few children you can even work from home. It is possible to create a secondary income for your family with just a handful of pupils.

Children can be fun but at some times can get naughty. It is essential in my opinion that you really do love children and have good skills to handle them. You will not only have to supplement their education but also provide them with the desire and motivation to succeed.

If you choose to work from home make sure that you bring your family and friends on board by speaking to them about your plans before you start. Try and fit the students’ demands on your time around your family and friends.

Buying into an education franchise can be both fulfilling and rewarding. You can work this business full time or part time. The franchisor will help you to deal with all the legal requirements and provide you with specially designed materials and software. They will assist you in the choice of premises and location. You will have to pay an upfront franchise fee and ongoing royalties but in return you benefit from their branding, marketing, training and ongoing support.

As always make sure you take professional advice before embarking in a new business.