Be Unique

Be Unique music is a company that specializes in creating original and customized music for various purposes. Whether you need a catchy jingle for your advertisement, a soothing soundtrack for your meditation app, or a personalized song for your wedding, Be Unique music can help you achieve your musical goals. Be Unique music has a team of talented and experienced composers, singers, and producers who can craft any genre and style of music you desire. Be Unique music also offers a range of services such as mixing, mastering, licensing, and distribution. Be Unique music is more than just a music production company. It is a creative partner that will work with you to bring your vision to life through music.

Be Unique
Beagle ( House Mix )
Boston Terrier ( Trance Mix )
Cocker Spaniel ( Trance Mix )
Fox Terrier ( House Mix )
Jagdterrier ( Trance Mix )
Kooikerhondje ( Trance Mix )
Manchester Terrier ( Trance Mix )
Shetland Sheepdog ( Trance Mix )
Shiba Inu ( House Mix )
Tibet Terrier ( House Mix )
Affenpinscher ( House Mix )
Corgi Cardigan ( House Mix )
Havaneser ( House Mix )
Kleinspitz ( House Mix )
Lhasa Apso ( House Mix )
Papillon ( Trance Mix )
Russell ( House Mix )
Schipperke ( House Mix )
Welsh Corgi Pembroke ( House Mix )
Zwergpinscher ( House Mix )
Bad Dog ( Vocal House Mix )
Border Terrier ( House Mix )
Bulldogge ( House Mix )
Cairn Terrier ( House Mix )
Cesky Terrier ( House Mix )
Chinese Crested ( House Mix )
Italy Windspiel ( House Mix )
King Spaniel ( Trance Mix )
Mops ( House Mix )
Zwergschnauzer ( House Mix )

Artist Name
Hasenchat Music
Record Label
Hasenchat Music Germany
Release Date
Primary Genre
Secondary Genre
Primary Subgenre
Electro House
Secondary Subgenre
Album Language
Artist Sounds Like
Calvin Harris
David Guetta
Artist Location