Avoid Becoming a Zombie

At any given time in our life, we can feel like a zombie. A zombie is someone who is just going through the motions – uninspired and unmotivated. To be sure, this isn’t the recipe for success. This type of attitude doesn’t serve us well. When we change our attitude or approach to life, everything changes. So what can we do to create a different outcome for ourselves? Here are a few suggestions.

1. What makes you feel like a zombie? It is said that a problem defined is half solved. Before we can take action to avoid a zombie-like attitude, we need to define what makes us feel uninspired and unmotivated. Only then can we take the right actions to do something different. When you do the same thing over and over, you get the same result. When you do something differently from what you have done before, you get different results. Today, determine what makes you feel like a zombie.

2. Focus on things that pull you forward. An effective way of jumpstarting your attitude is to focus on things that motivate and inspire you. You always have a choice about what you put into your mind. Since you have a choice, select things that will energize you to accomplish the things you most desire. What inspires you to move forward? Are there special people in your life? If so, call them up and chat. Does music or a good book put you in a different frame of mind? Do beautiful pictures or artwork fill your heart with joy? What about physical activities? Do you enjoy yoga, jogging or meditation? Your life is filled with people and things that can unseat you from inactivity. Today, make a list of ten people, things, or activities that motivate you. Select one to focus on for the week.

3. Take responsibility for what you do. Strange as it may seem, stepping up and taking responsibility for what we do can serve to motivate and inspire us. Responsibility demands that we stand up and assume a leadership role – not only for others, but more importantly ourselves. One of the biggest responsibilities we will ever have is being a leader to ourselves. Being responsible for our thoughts and actions helps us to realize the incredible power we possess – that we are in the driver’s seat when it comes to steering the course of our lives to create the outcomes we desire. There isn’t anything more energizing than knowing that by stepping up, we’re taking charge of our life in a very big way. Today, adopt an attitude of taking full responsibility for what you do.

4. Don’t justify your actions. Zombies tend to become quite internalized over time. That is, their awareness is more focused on their internal life than on the external reality. When in this “state of mind,” zombies tend to start justifying their actions. They abdicate their responsibilities and feel that they need to explain what they do to others. They start to weave stories around why they did this or that. This is completely unnecessary. You owe no one any explanations for anything you do. The only person who needs to be comfortable with your actions is you. Today, stand up and take charge. Do what you know is right.

5. Don’t live in denial. Zombies, as mentioned before, tend to live in an internal world that can sometimes lead to thoughts that aren’t necessarily reality-based. Referred to as “living in denial”, zombies pretend reality doesn’t exist. They don’t want to see things as they are, but instead, adopt a false sense of things – perhaps a more palatable version of reality. To break out of this unhealthy and unrealistic view of things, make the decision to face reality. Know that you have the mental and emotional toolset to handle whatever comes your way. Stare fear in its face. Face the truth about yourself and others. While it might be difficult at first, once you break through the resistance, you’ll find that you have a lot more control over your life and circumstances than you could ever imagine. Today, face the truth about someone or something.

6. Live consciously. One of the best ways to break out of a zombie state is to make the decision to live from a place of mindfulness. Mindfulness is about living consciously. It is about being highly aware and attuned to everything that we are thinking, feeling, and doing. From how your body feels, to the thoughts flowing through your mind, to the tone of your voice, you’re acutely aware of what you’re doing at all times and the impact you are having on others and the environment around you. This level of existence practiced by many highly evolved individuals actually puts you in a powerful position to realize the power that you have over life’s outcomes. Today, raise your awareness. Be conscious of everything that you do and the impact you make on the world.

7. Tell the truth. Telling the truth is inspirational. You have nothing to hide. No deep, dark secrets. There are no lies to keep track of. Truth is refreshing. It’s a clean way of living. It lightens your heart and soul. Zombies don’t always tell the truth. They may not be representing themselves or their company fully. They don’t see that their lack of forthrightness has everything to do with the types of clients they attract and the level of success they achieve. Today, tell the truth about everything.

8. Step up and claim your power. One reason some folks enter the realm of the zombie is that they’ve abdicated their responsibilities and with it, their power. To reclaim your inspiration and motivation, you need to step up and be responsible for designing the life and business that you desire. Moreover, you need to create a plan with clearly defined action steps that you can take on a regular basis. Stepping into the role as the leader of your life demands that you be mature about accepting the consequences of your actions as well. Today, determine where you can take more responsibility in your personal and professional life. Notice the shift in your “come from place” as a result of living into the power that has always been yours.

9. Watch your thoughts. We are what we think. Think about that! For some of us that might be a scary thought. Our mental capabilities are incredible. It is in our minds that the entire creativity process begins. Through our plans and actions we take this creativity and manifest magnificent things. What you think about, you attract. Take a look at who and what you have in your life today. All of this is a result of what you’ve put your mind on. Would you like to have someone or something else in your life? If so, start thinking differently. Avoid negative, limiting, or critical thoughts. Instead, fill your mind with positive, happy, upbeat, inspirational thoughts. Today, watch what you think and witness the changes.

10. Come from a place of integrity. Integrity has to do with the core of who you are and might be referred to as your central operating system. To come from a place of integrity means that what you think, what you speak, and what you do are all in alignment. Zombies are unbalanced in one or more of these places. Because their energies are misaligned, they don’t feel inspired or motivated to move forward. Things feel confused which makes it difficult to make any type of progress. Today, align your thoughts, speech, and actions. Notice the internal calm it brings to you and your life.