Approaching Women

A step-by-step guide to getting more dates
by Justin Stenstrom

How would you feel if you could walk up to any woman you wanted and start an amazing conversation within seconds?

But not only that, have her attracted to you and completely falling for you within just minutes?

If you’re like most guys this is one of your dreams, a pipedream of course, but still a dream.

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Approaching Women: A step-by-step guide to getting more dates will show you exactly how you can walk up to any woman you desire and successfully intrigue, build comfort, attract, and get her number within just minutes… every single time.

Not since The Game book by Neil Strauss has one book been so wildly popular and effective at getting men to meet, attract, and date beautiful women.

Justin Stenstrom, the author of Giving Shy Guys Game, has followed up on his original dating manifesto masterpiece with an equally intriguing and fascinating self-help dating book.

Bringing almost a decade of personal experience in the dating field and many years of working one-on-one with world-class dating experts like Mark Manson, Kezia Noble, David Deangelo, Scot McKay, and Jason Capital, Justin has crafted THE dating playbook for men!

Forget about pickup artists and all the crap they try to sell you… Save your money.

Forget about pickup artist routines, outfits, pickup lines, and PUA books… They just don’t work.

Forget about trying to be someone you’re not… Be who you truly are and women will really love you!

You see, none of the gimmicks actually work.

What does work is being genuine, being authentic, and bringing out that inner confidence that you have already inside you.

It’s about becoming the best version of yourself and figuring out how to express this to the world.
And this book teaches you exactly how to do just that!

As Huffington Post writer Kimberly Seltzer so eloquently said about this incredible dating book, “Anyone who wants to know how to approach women in a classy way you need to read this! This well-written step-by-step guide will catapult you into taking action so that you can feel confident approaching women. I am a dating coach myself and I will be referring clients to this fantastic book during my wing gal sessions. Keep up the great work!”

When it comes to dating advice for men, look no further!

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The approaching and dating tips littered throughout every page easily make this one of the best dating advice books ever written.

Inside Approaching Women you’ll learn:
•How to approach women like a natural
•How to get more dates today without coming across as creepy or weird
•How to gain more confidence in your dating life right now
•How to overcome one of the biggest fears that all men have in life
•How to end approach anxiety for good
•Why pick-up artists have it all wrong and what to do instead
•Why women love the guys who are natural and don’t act like PUA’s
•How to stand out but still be yourself
•Justin’s personal style of meeting women and why it works
•What the best dating coaches in the world do
•How approaching women can positively affect other aspects of your life
•Why you should be online dating and online dating tips that actually work
•The best first date advice that most guys don’t know
•The best and worst pickup lines and why you should avoid using pickup lines
•The different types of women out there and how to go about approaching them
•How to find a woman that’s right for you and your personality type
•How to attract your soulmate and find The One
•How to find true happiness in dating and in life

Don’t miss out on changing your dating life forever.

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