Angel of Love

Angel of Love
Wild Fire ( House Mix )
Catapult ( House Mix )
Density ( EDM Mix )
Noize ( House Mix )
Peppermint ( House Mix )
Pushing ( EDM Mix )
Sabai ( House Mix )
Spearmint ( House Mix )
Sweet Coconut ( EDM Mix )
Tough Chords ( House Mix )
Asia Beauty ( Trance Mix )
Breaker ( House Mix )
Echo ( EDM Mix )
Every Day ( EDM Mix )
Fire and Ice ( EDM Mix )
Green Line ( House Mix )
Happy Birthday
Lauras Dream ( EDM Mix )
Taxo ( House Mix )
Zukunft ( EDM Mix )
Dancing ( Tech House Mix )
Funky Mark ( House Mix )
Kompressor ( House Mix )
Kunky ( House Mix )
Lamour ( EDM Mix )
Monster Kick ( EDM Mix )
Onyou ( EDM Mix )
The End of Angel of Love
Territory ( Hip Hop Mix )

Artist Name
Hasenchat Music
Record Label
Hasenchat Music Germany
Instant Grat Track
Wild Fire (House Mix)
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Mood: Party Music
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Artist Sounds Like
David Guetta
Nicky Romero
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The Angel of Love is a divine being who radiates unconditional love and compassion to all living creatures. He is the messenger of God’s grace and mercy, and the protector of those who seek his guidance. He helps people heal their hearts, forgive themselves and others, and find true happiness in their relationships. He also inspires people to express their love in creative and meaningful ways, such as through art, music, poetry, or acts of kindness. The Angel of Love is often depicted as a beautiful winged figure with a halo, holding a harp or a rose. He can appear in dreams, visions, or signs to reassure people that they are loved and supported by the divine. He can also manifest as a feeling of warmth, peace, joy, or gratitude in the heart. The Angel of Love is always ready to listen to people’s prayers and wishes, and to help them fulfill their soul’s purpose. He encourages people to love themselves and others unconditionally, and to trust in God’s plan for their lives.